1. (brujería) 
a. la magia (F) 
The magician performed some magic with coins and playing cards.El mago hizo magia con monedas y naipes.
2. (cualidad especial) 
a. la magia (F) 
Disneyland has a magic that enthralls young children.Disneylandia tiene una magia que cautiva a los niños pequeños.
Christmas has lost its magic now that I'm older.Ahora que soy mayor, la Navidad ha perdido su encanto.
3. (relativo a la magia) 
a. mágico 
I rubbed my magic lantern but no genie came out.Froté la lámpara mágica, pero no salió ningún genio.
4. (maravilloso) 
a. mágico 
My first kiss was a magic moment.Mi primer beso fue un momento mágico.
b. fabuloso 
We spent a magic weekend in the city.Pasamos un fin de semana fabuloso en la ciudad.
1. (en general) 
a. la magia (F) 
as if by magiccomo por arte de magia
black/white magicmagia negra/blanca
2. (en general) 
a. mágico(a) 
magic wandvarita mágica
3. (coloquial) 
a. genial 
b. guay (España) 
c. chévere (Latinoamérica) 
d. padrísimo(a) (México) 
e. bárbaro(a) (Río de la Plata) 
magic [ˈmædʒɪk]
magia (f)
do you believe in magic? They claimed that he had inflicted bad fortune on them through evil magic
as if by magic como por arte de magia; como por encanto
As if by magic his face turned green.
this bath oil works magic for tired and aching limbs este aceite de baño es mágico para brazos y piernas doloridos y cansados
this spray is good but don't expect it to work magic the magic of that moment
the magic of Hollywood la magia de Hollywood
we all need a bit of magic in our lives
the old magic was still there (in relationship) todavía existía algo especial entre ellos/nosotros
Sinatra had lost none of his old magic there is magic in his feet
1 (relating to spells, sorcery) [+solution, word] mágico
his face lit up at the magic word "ice-cream"
you just have to say the magic word and we'll forget all about it basta con que digas la palabra mágica y olvidaremos todo el asunto; there is no magic formula for success no existe una fórmula mágica para el éxito
the magic number is 33
2 (captivating) [+moment] especial
he hasn't lost his magic touch no ha perdido ese toque especial suyo
it was a truly magic moment
3 (super) fabuloso; estupendo
"did you enjoy it?" — "it was magic" —¿te gustó? —fue fabuloso or estupendo
"Think it'll do?" — "It's magic," she replied quietly they were around in my childhood. It was magic
magic bullet (n) (Med) also panacea (f)
We are all familiar with the idea of the magic bullet which is specifically targeted to eliminating a problem situation in our bodies Using a "magic bullet" to zap the invading bacterium without taking into account the effect of the drug on our organisms as a whole is clearly unsatisfactory I do recognize that antibiotics, those `magic bullets" invented in the early twentieth century, have their uses There simply are no quick fixes, there are no panaceas and there are no magic bullets there is no magic bullet to solve the nation's education problems
magic carpet (n) alfombra (f) mágica
the film takes us on a magic carpet ride through history
magic circle (n) círculo (m) mágico
magic lantern (n) linterna (f) mágica
magic mushrooms (n) setas (f) alucinógenas; hongos (m) alucinógenos
Ten people were taken to hospital after eating magic mushrooms
magic realism (n) (Literat) realismo (m) mágico
magic spell (n) hechizo (m); encanto (m)
she had fallen under his magic spell she said the magic spell and they fell fast asleep
magic square (n) (Mat) cuadrado (m) mágico
magic trick (n) truco (m) de magia
magic wand (n) varita (f) mágica
I can't just wave a magic wand and make everything all right
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