1. (anatomía) 
a. el regazo (M) 
The cat was lying on his owner's lap.El gato estaba tumbado en el regazo de su dueño.
2. (deporte) 
a. la vuelta (F) 
The athletes ran faster in the final lap.Los atletas corrieron más rápido en la última vuelta.
3. (fase) 
a. la etapa (F) 
We were exhausted in the final lap of our trip.Estábamos exhaustos en la última etapa de nuestro viaje.
4. (sonido de agua) 
She loves listening to the lap of waves at the beach.Le encanta escuchar el chapaleteo de las olas en la playa.
5. (natación) (Estados Unidos) 
a. el largo (M) 
How many laps did you do this morning?¿Cuántos largos nadaste esta mañana?
verbo transitivo
6. (llevar la delantera) 
She lapped the other competitor and won the race.Le sacó una vuelta al otro competidor y ganó la carrera.
b. doblar 
He can't win, the other runner has already lapped him twice.No puede ganar, el otro atleta ya lo ha doblado dos veces.
7. (tocar) 
a. lamer (literario) 
We could hear the ocean lapping the rocks.Podíamos escuchar el mar lamiendo las rocas.
b. besar (literario) 
See how the waves lap the shore.Mira las olas besando la orilla.
8. (tomar con la lengua) 
The dog lapped the milk I spilled.El perro bebió a lengüetazos la leche que derramé.
verbo intransitivo
9. (llevar la delantera) 
The champion lapped at 300 kilometers per hour.El campeón dio una vuelta a 300 kilómetros por hora.
10. (tomar con la lengua) 
The cat lapped at the bowl of milk.El gato bebió a lengüetazos del tazón de leche.
11. (batir; usado con "against" o "at") 
a. chapalear 
The waves lap at the breakwater.Las olas chapalean contra el rompeolas.
b. lamer (literario) (verbo transitivo) 
He fell asleep to the sound of the water lapping against the hull of the boat.Se durmió al sonido del agua que lamía el casco del barco.
verbo intransitivo
1. (animal) 
a. beber a lengüetadas 
to lap against somethinglamer algo
lap [læp]
regazo (m)
to sit on sb's lap sentarse en el regazo or las rodillas de algn; with her hands in her lap con las manos en el regazo
The man was sitting in a chair with his hat on his lap I sat on my mother's lap sitting on his mother's lap
he expects the money to fall into his lap espera que el dinero le caiga como llovido del cielo
Opportunities can fall into the laps of less well-known managers, too Money /could fall into your lap/ around the 1st He couldn't believe that such good fortune could fall into his lap /A host of/ problems economic, social and environmental /have been dumped in the UN's lap/ These problems have landed in the lap of Ian Knox, an unassuming manager with little international experience The issue is now unavoidably in the lap of the United Nations That wretched Glanville business /was dumped in my lap/
they dump everything in my lap and expect me to deal with it lo echan todo a mis espaldas y pretenden que me encargue de ello
the outcome is in the lap of the gods now del resultado Dios dirá; la suerte está echada y ya veremos qué pasa
to live in the lap of luxury vivir or nadar en la abundancia
lap [læp]
1 (Dep) vuelta (f)
by the end of the lap, Smith had rejoined the leaders it was the fastest /lap/ ever run by a British 19-year-old the Ferrari driver was leading /with nine laps to go/ when he lost control on the 10th lap he overtook his team mate on the last lap With the two Ferraris cruising to victory, Didier ignored team orders and passed his unsuspecting team mate on the last lap
lap of honour especially (Britain) vuelta (f) de honor; a ten-lap race una carrera de diez vueltas
2 (stage) etapa (f); fase (f)
we're on the last lap now ya estamos en la recta final
At Oxenholme Junction, the boys changed trains for the last lap of their journey back to school
verbo transitivo
to lap sb doblar a algn
The car was so good, I was able to lap the entire field that day When you come up to lap me, don't get too close We used to go at a cracking pace, lapping all the others several times.
verbo intransitivo
completar or dar una vuelta
to lap at 190k.p.h. completar or dar una vuelta a 190km/h
I discovered that on most circuits I could lap competitively with the HWM I rejoined the race and lapped 0.8 sec faster than in practice I lapped at 1:47 in pouring rain
lap record (n) récord (m) del circuito
In the second heat I set a new lap record
lap [læp]
(lick) lengüetada (f); lametazo (m); [of waves] chapaleteo (m);
verbo transitivo
1 (drink) [+water, milk etc] beber a lengüetazos
2 (touch) [+waves, water, tide] [+shore, cliff] lamer; besar
the steady rhythm of waves lapping the shore The tide was fully in, and the water that lapped the seawall was silver The white, two storeyed building was right on the river and the water lapped the walls the cliffs, lapped by a crystal-clear sea, remind me of Capri
verbo intransitivo
1 [+waves, water] chapalear
we could hear the water lapping far below
to lap at or against sth lamer or besar algo
Waves lapped against the side of the boat... let your baby get used to the water lapping around him She grimaced as the murky water lapped around her ankles She felt the cold water lapping [at] her feet Nothing felt really urgent with the ocean lapping at the beach of Paradise Isle just a few feet outside the conference room With a rising tide the water was lapping at his chin before rescuers arrived
2 [+animal]
at twelve days the pup should start to lap. I've got sheltie pups lapping at that age
to lap at sth beber algo a lengüetazos
Some of these sheep stop to lap at the water in a long narrow puddle
lap up
verbo transitivo
beber a lengüetazos; [+compliments, attention] disfrutar con
some people would crack under the pressure but he laps it up the audience lapped up every word
Frases con "lap"
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lap dance
el lap dance
come sit on my lap
ven a sentarte en mi regazo
Can you give me a lap dance?
¿Me haces un lap dance?
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