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Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea (p.ej. hombre, perro, casa).
1. (geografía)
a. la tierra
(f) significa que un sustantivo es de género femenino (p.ej. la mujer, la luna).
After two months at sea, we sighted land.Después de dos meses en alta mar, vimos tierra.
2. (barro)
a. la tierra
(f) significa que un sustantivo es de género femenino (p.ej. la mujer, la luna).
This land is good for growing corn.Esta tierra es buena para sembrar maíz.
3. (propiedad)
a. la tierra
(f) significa que un sustantivo es de género femenino (p.ej. la mujer, la luna).
I want to build a house on my land.Quiero construir una casa en mi tierra.
4. (nación)
a. la tierra
(f) significa que un sustantivo es de género femenino (p.ej. la mujer, la luna).
Poland is the land of my ancestors.Polonia es la tierra de mis ancestros.
b. el país
(m) significa que un sustantivo es de género masculino (p.ej. el hombre, el sol).
My father never returned to the land where he was born.Mi padre nunca regresó al país donde nació.
Un verbo intransitivo es un verbo que no requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. El hombre estornudó.).
verbo intransitivo
5. (aviación)
a. aterrizar
My plane landed early.Mi avión aterrizó temprano.
6. (náutica)
a. atracar
The Vikings may have been the first Europeans to land in North America.Los vikingos puede que hayan sido los primeros europeos en atracar en Norteamérica.
b. desembarcar
We finally landed in Melbourne after a long journey.Por fin desembarcamos en Melbourne después de un viaje largo.
7. (dar en algo firme)
a. caer
I tripped and landed on my hands.Tropecé y caí sobre mis manos.
Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
8. (transportación)
a. desembarcar (pasajeros)
The safest plan was to land the passengers and wait for the storm to pass.El plan más seguro era desembarcar a los pasajeros y esperar a que pasara la tormenta.
b. descargar (carga)
The plane arrived and landed the luggage first.El avión llegó y descargó primero el equipaje.
9. (aviación)
a. hacer aterrizar
An experienced pilot knows how to land a plane smoothly.Un piloto con experiencia sabe cómo hacer aterrizar un avión suavemente.
10. (conseguir)
a. capturar (peces)
I landed a 12-pound salmon yesterday.Ayer capturé un gran salmón de 12 libras.
b. conseguir (empleo, contrato)
We're celebrating because we landed the big account.Estamos celebrando porque conseguimos la cuenta grande.
11. (terminar en)
a. quedar
The thief's daring only served to land him in jail.El atrevimiento del ladrón solo hizo que quedara preso.
12. (pegar)
a. asestar
Charlie landed a punch on the other man's nose.Charlie le asestó un golpe en la nariz al otro hombre.
Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo (p.ej. el perro grande).
13. (relativo a la tierra)
a. terrestre
We're researching the land animals that live in this area.Estamos investigando los animales terrestres que habitan en esta zona.
b. de tierra
The Antartic is a huge land mass.La Antártida es una inmensa masa de tierra.
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Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea (p.ej. hombre, perro, casa).
1. (in general)
a. la tierra
(f) significa que un sustantivo es de género femenino (p.ej. la mujer, la luna).
on landen tierra
to live off the landvivir de la tierra
2. (literary)
he came from a distant landvenía de una tierra lejana
he's still in the land of the livingtodavía está en el reino de los vivos
3. (militar)
land forcesejército de tierra
land lineteléfono m fijo
land reformreforma agraria
4. (property)
a. el tierras fpl, terrenos
(m) significa que un sustantivo es de género masculino (p.ej. el hombre, el sol).
get off my land!¡fuera de mi propiedad!
land registry (office)registro de la propiedad
Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
5. (passengers)
a. desembarcar
6. (cargo)
a. descargar
7. (plane)
a. hacer aterrizar
8. (fish)
a. capturar
9. (coloquial)
he's just landed a good jobacaba de conseguir un buen trabajo
10. (coloquial)
that will land you in prisoneso hará que des con tus huesos en la cárcel
11. (coloquial)
he was landed with the problemle endosaron el problema
12. (coloquial)
I landed him onele di or
Un verbo intransitivo es un verbo que no requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. El hombre estornudó.).
verbo intransitivo
13. (aircraft, pilot)
a. aterrizar, tomar tierra
we landed in New Yorkaterrizamos en Nueva York
14. (gymnast, somebody falling)
a. caer
15. (fig)
to land on one's feetcaer de pie
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land [lænd]
1 (not sea) tierra (f)
a stretch of sandy beach that was almost inaccessible from the land it isn't clear whether the plane went down over land or sea
land ho land ahoy! ¡tierra a la vista!
"Land, ho!" he called out, and Charlie yelled back, "Right, me hearty" another voice called, "Land Ahead! I think I can see trees"
to go/travel by land ir/viajar por tierra
travel by land, sea and air was suspended for 24 hours
dry land tierra (f) firme
on dry land en tierra firme
to make land (Náut) tomar tierra
there was action at sea, on land, and in the air se combatió en mar, tierra y aire
he'll travel [over] land to Iran
to sight land divisar tierra
2 (Agr) (Constr) (ground) tierra (f); tierras (f)
160 acres of land 160 acres de tierra
the land on which this house is built It was built on land reclaimed from the sea in 1899
agricultural land tierra(s) (f)
agrícola(s); (p)
terreno (m) agrícola
Bishop Muzorewa won't tolerate absentee landlords, good agricultural land lying unused a couple of acres of agricultural land agricultural land may be converted to non-farm use, but only if it is on the edge of urban or rural residential districts
grazing land tierra(s) (f)
de pastoreo; (p)
tierra(s) (f)
para pastos; (p)
...a small piece of grazing land
the lay or lie of the land la configuración del terreno
He spent a few more minutes studying the lie of the land below him in conjunction with the map In front of him loomed a steep hill from the top of which, he told himself, he would be able to see the lie of the land all round
a piece/plot of land un terreno; una parcela
I'm looking for a piece of land to build on she's bought a piece of land The predicted loss of 1.27 per cent of the total land to urban development meant a 10 per cent increase in the urban area outside London, and the loss of more than 34,000 hectares of rural land
the land (Agr) la tierra
There is no work to be had on the land. back to the land!
to live off the land vivir de la tierra; to work on the land trabajar or cultivar la tierra; the drift from the land el éxodo rural
if you get your living from working on the land... We had wanted to go back to work on the land as peasants and small farmers
to see how the land lies
get the lie or lay of the land
tantear el terreno
we'll have to see how the land lies in a few months' time
3 (property) tierras (f)
get off my land! ¡fuera de mis tierras!
his house is on his father's land his lands were poorly farmed
to own land poseer tierras
4 (Geog) (region)
desert/equatorial/temperate lands tierras (f) desérticas/ecuatoriales/templadas
Too much rain is the problem of the equatorial lands... In this zone lie the dry lands.
5 (nation, country) país (m)
a land fit for heroes
a land of opportunity/contrasts un país de oportunidades/contrastes
the conviction that America is indeed a land of opportunity Klefonicas is a fascinating land of contrasts ...this land of free speech Her husband's body lies buried 2,000 miles away in a strange land
throughout the land en todo el país
we seem to be in fantasy land
to be in the land of the living estar en el mundo de los vivos; estar vivito y coleando (humorous)
if I'm still in the land of the living then... it's all right. You haven't poisoned him. He's still in the land of the living!
the land of milk and honey el paraíso terrenal
the biblical land of milk and honey he figured Mexico was the land of milk and honey for US companies Andalucia was seen as a land of milk and honey, of cool water and shady orange groves
to be in the Land of Nod estar dormido; estar roque (informal); (Esp)
verbo intransitivo
1 (after flight) [+plane] aterrizar; (on water) amerizar; amarizar; (on moon) alunizar
the plane was coming in to land emergency crews were alerted but the plane landed safely we'll be landing at Ronaldsway Airport in approximately 45 minutes
to land on sth [+bird, insect] posarse en algo
the Americans were the first to land on the moon los americanos fueron los primeros en llegar a la luna
Apollo landed on the Moon Discovery is due to land at Edwards Air Force Base in California tomorrow a spacecraft has today landed on Mars The American Viking craft /that landed on Mars/ reported that there was no organic material there it landed on the lake
2 (from boat) [+passenger] desembarcar
3 (after fall, jump, throw) caer
I landed awkwardly caí en una mala postura; the hat landed in my lap el sombrero me cayó en el regazo
I landed awkwardly after jumping off a wall I landed heavily and found myself flat on my back a bomb landed on the building three missiles landed harmlessly in the sea where did it land?
to land on one's back caer de espaldas
He jumped to avoid her and landed badly on the outside of his foot I fell out of a tree and landed on my back he jumped off the roof and landed on top of his wife, killing her
to land on one's feet caer de pie; salir adelante
for those people things never seem to go wrong, everything works out, they are great at problem solving, and they always land on their feet she found that the more she made her own decisions, took risks, and landed on her feet, the more her mother began to respect her while I struggle through life, my sister lands on her feet
4 (also land up) (in prison, hospital) ir a parar (informal);in a; acabar;in en
he landed in hospital fue a parar al hospital (informal); acabó en el hospital
bending the rules leads to many innocent people landing in prison /He landed in/ a psychiatric ward
verbo transitivo
1 (disembark, unload) [+passengers] desembarcar; [+cargo] descargar
vessels will have to land their catch at designated ports los buques tendrán que descargar la pesca en los puertos designados
2 (bring down) [+plane] hacer aterrizar
3 (catch) [+fish] pescar; conseguir pescar
I landed a 10lb salmon
[+job, contract] conseguir; [+prize] obtener
4 (put, dump)
to land a blow on sb's chinland sb a blow on the chin asestar a algn un golpe en la barbilla
Benn landed a conclusive right hand to the top of Sherry's left temple As Diana turned away he landed a glancing blow on her right cheek to land sth/sb [on] sb
they landed the children on me me endilgaron or endosaron a los niños (informal)
to land sb in sth
his comments landed him in court sus comentarios hicieron que acabara en los tribunales; sus comentarios hicieron que fuera a parar a los tribunales (informal); his extravagant lifestyle soon landed him in debt su estilo de vida extravagante pronto hizo que endeudase; to land sb in it fastidiar or jorobar a algn pero bien (informal); it landed me in a mess me metió en un lío (informal); to land sb in trouble causar problemas a algn; to land o.s. in trouble meterse en problemas
to land sb in court/prison "noise pollution" can land you in court to land sb in debt to land sb in jail prison some self-defense measures can land you in jail to reveal the truth will land her in prison You've really landed me in it! Why did you have to tell her that I was at the pub? this is not the first time his exploits have landed him in trouble he landed himself in trouble by arguing with the referee
to land sb with sth/sb endilgar algo/a algn a algn (informal); endosar algo/a algn a algn (informal)
managers may be criticising you /or landing you with/ too many responsibilities we've been landed with a lot of extra work
I got landed with the job me endilgaron or endosaron el trabajo (informal); I got landed with him for two hours me lo endilgaron or endosaron dos horas (informal); getting overdrawn could land you with big bank charges girar al descubierto te puede ocasionar enormes intereses bancarios
that option could land him with more expense a major blunder by the surveyor could land you with a repair bill for thousands later to land o.s. [with] sth
how did you land yourself with all these debts? ¿cómo acabaste tan endeudado?; I've landed myself with a bit of a problem me he metido en un apuro
if /he's landed himself with a problem/, I'm afraid he'll just have to sort it out for himself the government have landed themselves with a massive budget deficit Lebanon's Christians /have landed themselves/ with a self-inflicted wound the Prime Minister had offended his friends in the press /and landed himself/ with some unworkable legislation
land agent (n) administradoraadministradora (m) (f) de fincas;a administradora
land defences (n) defensas (f) de tierra
land forces (n) fuerzas (f) de tierra
the Queen was a land girl during the 2nd World War land grant college
land management (n) administración (f) de fincas
the serious business of land management I studied land management at agricultural college land office business
land reclamation (n) reclamación (f) de tierras
land reform (n) reforma (f) agraria
land register land registry (n) (Britain) catastro (m); registro (m) catastral; registro (m) de la propiedad inmobiliaria
Land Rover (n) (Aut) (vehículo (m)) todo terreno (m)
land tax (n) contribución (f) territorial
land use (n) uso (m) de la tierra
the earliest attempts at regulating land use
Land of Hope and Glory es el título de una canción patriótica británica. Para muchos ciudadanos, sobre todo en Inglaterra, es un símbolo más del país, casi como el himno o la bandera nacional. Se suele entonar al final del congreso anual del Partido Conservador y en la última noche de los Proms, junto con otras conocidas canciones patrióticas.
note See culture box in entry prom.
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