flatten out
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flatten out
1 (become flat) [+road, countryside] nivelarse; allanarse
The ravine broadened and flattened into a plain The hill flattened out. They crossed a stone wall a little further on the road flattened out a pasture that rolled down the hill and flattened out at the rear of the house
2 (increase less rapidly)
sales have flattened out el ritmo de las ventas ha decrecido
Highland saw good sales of its new whisky, although this growth is expected to flatten out the yield curve # a graph that shows the relationship between yield to maturity and term to maturity # tends to flatten out after the first 7 to 10 years the rising temperatures will `flatten out" in the summer sales last Friday and Saturday were up nearly 10 percent over last year before flattening out on Sunday
verbo transitivo
[+road] allanar; aplanar; [+paper, map] extender; alisar;
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