verbo transitivo
1. (completar) 
a. terminar 
I finished my homework. Can I go play outside?Terminé mi tarea. ¿Puedo salir a jugar?
b. acabar 
Did you finish your chores?¿Acabaste los deberes?
2. (usar todo) 
a. terminar 
You can finish the noodles if you want to.Puedes terminar los fideos si quieres.
b. acabar 
If you finish the juice, please put another bottle in the refrigerator.Si acabas el jugo, por favor pon otra botella en el refrigerador.
3. (destrozar) 
"I'm going to finish him once and for all!" boomed the villain."¡Voy a acabar con él de una vez por todas!" gritó el villano.
4. (usado con un gerundio) 
We'll finish papering the room over the weekend.Terminaremos de empapelar la habitación durante el fin de semana.
b. acabar de 
Did you finish eating? Can I clear the table?¿Acabaron de comer? ¿Puedo quitar la mesa?
verbo intransitivo
5. (llegar al final) 
a. terminar 
When the movie finishes, let's go get some dinner.Cuando termine la película, vamos a cenar algo.
b. acabar 
I was sad when my favorite show finished.Me puse triste cuando acabó mi programa favorito.
6. (completar) 
a. terminar 
If you've finished, please turn the page.Si ya terminaste, por favor da vuelta la página.
b. acabar 
Are you finished? I want to go to the taco stand before it closes.¿Ya acabaste? Quiero ir a la taquería antes de que cierre.
7. (llegar al final) 
a. acabarse 
Classes are finished! I'm going to sleep in every day during the summer.¡Las clases ya se acabaron! Voy a levantarme tarde todos los días del verano.
8. (conclusión) 
a. el final (M) 
"This is going to be a close finish, folks," said the announcer."Va a ser un final reñido, amigos," dijo el locutor.
9. (capa) 
The finish on your grandfather's desk came out really well.El acabado del escritorio de tu abuelo quedó muy bien.
10. (línea de meta) 
a. la meta (F) 
I'll be waiting for you at the finish to take your picture.Te estaré esperando en la meta para tomarte una foto.
1. (end; of day, meeting) 
a. el final (M) 
2. (of race) 
a. la meta (F) 
to be in at the finishseguir estando hasta el final
3. (surface; of furniture, metalwork) 
a. el acabado (M) 
verbo transitivo
4. (end) 
a. terminar, acabar 
to finish doing somethingterminar de hacer algo
you didn't let me finish (what I was saying)no me dejaste terminar (lo que estaba diciendo)
5. (ruin, kill; person) 
a. acabar con 
verbo intransitivo
6. (en general) 
a. terminar, finalizar 
to finish on an optimistic notefinalizar con una nota de optimismo
to finish fourthquedar en cuarto lugar, terminar cuarto(a)
finish [ˈfɪnɪʃ]
1 (end) final (m)
I intend to see the job through to the finish we now have finish dates for the project
to be in at the finish presenciar el final; a fight to the finish una lucha a muerte
it's going to be a battle of wits and a fight to the finish in this election campaign the conflict in the North was a fight to the finish once adopted, the notion of a fight to the finish obsessed the naval high command
to fight to the finish luchar a muerte
It would have been safer to avoid a contest, but it is against Mrs Thatcher's nature to decline a fight.Now she warns that she will fight to the finish I'm determined to fight this case to the finish - I want to see justice done
from start to finish de principio a fin
he believed me, from start to finish
2 (Dep) [of race] final (m)
he had to retire before the finish see the finish of the Tour de France she rode to a tenth-place finish in a field of 12 it's still a long way to the finish the Irish team is building up to a flying finish
it's going to be a close finish va a ser un final reñido; the replays showed a close finish la repetición mostraba que habían cruzado la meta casi a la vez
it was the closest finish in the history of the race
3 (appearance) acabado (m)
a table with an oak finish una mesa con un acabado en roble
the finish and workmanship was excellent a car with a two-tone finish polish hard to achieve a mirror finish daub with egg or milk to give the pastry a glazed finish All pieces are available in one of three finishes: satin, antique or dark
gloss(y) finish acabado (m) brillo; matt finish acabado (m) mate; a surface with a rough/smooth finish una superficie sin pulir/pulida
her skin didn't have a smooth finish we provide samples of the table pad top, which can be made in a pebble-grain or smooth finish
4 (refinement) refinamiento (m)
she's a beautiful model, but she lacks finish es una modelo bella, pero le falta refinamiento
dancers with scrupulous finish and boundless energy
verbo transitivo
1 (complete) terminar; acabar
I've nearly finished the ironing casi he terminado or acabado de planchar; what time do you finish work? ¿a qué hora terminas el trabajo?; I'll be finishing my course next year termino or acabo el curso el año que viene
he finished his speech to loud cheers he's been working all week to finish the report
to finish doing sth terminar or acabar de hacer algo; as soon as he finished eating, he excused himself en cuanto terminó or acabó de comer, se excusó
2 (use up, consume) [+food, resources] terminar; acabar
finish your soup termínate la sopa; acábate la sopa; if you finish the milk, let me know si terminas (toda) la leche, dímelo
"finish the course"
3 (round off) rematar
finish the dish with a sprinkling of parsley remate el plato espolvoreándolo con perejil; we finished the afternoon with tea at the Ritz rematamos la tarde tomando té en el Ritz
freshly ground coffee will finish the meal perfectly finish the evening with a dance on the beach the last track finishes the compilation beautifully
4 (defeat, destroy) acabar con
that last kilometre nearly finished me el kilómetro final casi acabó conmigo
5 (apply surface to)
finish the wood with wax or varnish dele un acabado final a la madera con cera o barniz
verbo intransitivo
1 (come to an end) terminar; acabar
the party was finishing la fiesta se estaba terminando or acabando; have you quite finished? ¿has acabado ya?; (can I speak now?) ¿puedo hablar ya?; she finished by saying that ... terminó or acabó diciendo que ...; I've finished with the paper he acabado el periódico; he terminado con el periódico; come back, I haven't finished with you yet! ¡vuelve, que todavía no he terminado or acabado contigo!
you wait till I've finished with you!
2 (Dep) (end race) terminar; acabar
she finished first/last terminó or acabó en primer lugar/en último lugar
he finished well
3 (end association) romper; terminar;with con
she's finished with him ha roto or terminado con él
4 (Economics)
our shares finished at \$70 al cierre de la Bolsa, nuestras acciones se cotizaban a 70 dólares
finish line (n) (US)
finishing line See culture box in entry finishing.
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