1. (acción de dar alimento) 
The feeding of patients via tubes in the hospital is sometimes necessary.La alimentación por sonda de los pacientes es a veces necesaria en el hospital.
feeding [ˈfiːdɪŋ]
(act) alimentación (f); (meals) comida (f)
the care and feeding of an Alzheimer's person is constantly subject to the unexpected feeding on demand versus feeding on a schedule emotional love is as important a contribution to a baby's survival as feeding
feeding bottle (n) especially (Britain) biberón (m)
feeding frenzy (n)
the birds engage in a feeding frenzy los pájaros inician un frenético festín
it's not a search . they're eating greedily because they've come upon sth palatable and are all eager to stuff themselves with as much as possible of it the media feeding frenzy
she was caught in a media feeding frenzy se vio convertida en el centro de una atención febril por parte de los medios de comunicación
feeding ground (n) fuente (f) de alimentación; mina (f) de oro
The mud is a feeding ground for large numbers of wading birds
the factory will soon be a feeding ground for lawyers la fábrica será pronto una mina de oro para los abogados
feeding time (n) (at zoo) hora (f) de comer; (baby's) (time for breast feed) hora (f) del pecho; (time for bottle feed) hora (f) del biberón
His feeding time was still an hour away Taking the stress out of feeding time was the first objective it's way past her feeding time when my children sit down to eat it's like feeding time at the zoo It was feeding time at the zoo
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