sustantivo masculino
1. (fiesta) 
a. carnival 
Sería muy divertido ir al carnaval de Río y ver los disfraces y carrozas.It would be a lot of fun to go to the Rio carnival and see the costumes and floats.
Lo que más amo del carnaval de Panamá son los desfiles.What I love the most about the Panama carnival are the parades.
2. (religioso) 
En Carnaval, se solía comer bastante carne para compensar las privaciones de Cuaresma.At Shrovetide, people used to eat quite a lot of meat to make up for the privations of Lent.
3. (figurado) (mezcla) 
a. carnival 
Que decoración tan chillona la de esa casa; es todo un carnaval de colores.That house is decorated in such a garish way; it's an absolute carnival of colors.
sustantivo masculino
1. carnival (fiesta)
2. Shrovetide (religion)
CARNAVAL The tradition of carnaval, or carnavales continues in many parts of Spain and Latin America. The festival usually lasts between three days and a week, just before the beginning of Lent. The best known carnivals in Spain are those of Cádiz and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and in Mexico that of Veracruz.
1 (fiesta) carnival
2 (Religión) Shrovetide
martes de carnaval Shrove Tuesday
Carnaval is the traditional period of fun, feasting and partying that precedes the start of Lent (Cuaresma). The most important day is probably Shrove Tuesday (Martes de Carnaval), but throughout Carnaval there are fancy-dress parties, parades and firework displays. In some places in Spain, the changeover from Carnaval to Lent on Ash Wednesday is marked by the Entierro de la Sardina. This is a grotesque funeral parade in which the symbolic cardboard figure of a sardine is marched through the streets and finally ceremonially burnt or buried.
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carnaval del barrio
neighborhood carnival
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