Escucha la pronunciación
Escucha la pronunciación
Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
1. (ir adentro)
a. entrar en
Harold entered the house.Harold entró en la casa.
b. entrar a
Regionalismo que se usa en Latinoamérica: todos los países de Sudamérica, Centroamérica y el Caribe. No incluye España.
The children entered the classroom after recess.Los niños entraron al salón de clases después del recreo.
2. (unirse)
a. ingresar en
Jacobo entered the monastery at 17 years old.Jacobo ingresó en el monasterio a los 17 años.
b. incorporarse a
Fred entered college last year.Fred se incorporó a la universidad el año pasado.
c. entrar en
Natalia entered the academy in 1995.Natalia entró en la academia en 1995.
d. alistarse en
Guillermo left everything and entered the army.Guillermo lo dejó todo y se alistó en el ejército.
e. presentarse a
Silvia entered the math competition and hopes to win.Silvia se presentó a la competencia de matemáticas y espera ganar.
f. inscribirse en
Gary entered his first race with his wife on their anniversary.Gary se inscribió en su primera carrera con sus esposa para su aniversario.
3. (escribir datos)
a. anotar
Enter the candidates' names in the log.Anota los nombres de los candidatos en el registro.
b. registrar
The manager enters all transactions in the accounting book every day.El gerente registra todas las transacciones en el libro de contaduría todos los días.
c. presentar
You must enter a separate form for each family member.Debe presentar un formulario por separado para cada familiar.
d. formular
The community entered a formal complaint with the city government about the noise of the construction.La comunidad formuló una queja formal al ayuntamiento acerca de el ruido de la construcción.
4. (penetrar un mercado)
a. introducirse en
The airline entered the Mexican market last spring.La aerolínea se introdujo en el mercado mexicano la primavera pasada.
5. (informática)
a. introducir
The store clerks enter data in the system on an ongoing basis.Los empleados de la tienda introducen los datos en el sistema de forma continua.
6. (jurídico)
a. presentar
The lawyer entered an appeal for review.El abogado presentó un recurso de revisión.
b. declararse
The defandant entered a plea of not guilty.El acusado se declaró no culpable.
Un verbo intransitivo es un verbo que no requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. El hombre estornudó.).
verbo intransitivo
7. (ir adentro)
a. entrar
The students enter into the cafeteria at lunch.Los estudiantes entran a la cafeteria para el almuerzo.
8. (teatro)
a. salir
Felipe always enters with the applause from the public.Felipe siempre sale con el aplauso del público.
b. entrar en escena
Carolina enters when the singer finishes her number.Carolina sale en escena cuando el cantante termina su número.
9. (concurrir a)
a. presentarse
Are you going to enter in the marathon this year?¿Te vas a presentar al maratón este año?
b. inscribirse
Every year my father enters in the school raffle and doesn't win anything.Todos los años mi padre se inscribe en el sorteo escolar y no gana nada.
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Un verbo transitivo es un verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. Yo compré un libro.).
verbo transitivo
1. (house, country)
a. entrar en
2. (race)
a. inscribirse en
3. (exam)
a. presentarse a
4. (army, university)
a. ingresar en
to enter somebody for an exam/a raceinscribir a alguien en un examen/una carrera
it never entered my head that…jamás se me pasó por la cabeza que…
to enter a protestpresentar un escrito de protesta
5. (informática)
a. introducir
Un verbo intransitivo es un verbo que no requiere de un objeto directo (p.ej. El hombre estornudó.).
verbo intransitivo
6. (go in)
a. entrar
to enter for a raceinscribirse en una carrera
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enter [ˈentəʳ]
verbo transitivo
1 (go into, come into) [+room, country, tunnel] entrar en; [+bus, train] subir a
he was banned from entering the club Wild salmon are at their best when they have just entered the river as they entered the slip road leading up to the motorway I enter hospital tomorrow for an operation on my Achilles tendon
the phrase has already entered the language la frase ya ha entrado en el idioma; where the River Wyre enters the Thames donde el río Wyre confluye con el Támesis
it never entered my head he entered the room and stood near the door it never enters his mind that anyone could be better than him doubts began to enter my mind she entered the grocer's and then in September Roger Galbraith entered her life, like a rocket
the ship entered harbour el barco entró en el puerto
the thought never entered my head jamás se me ocurrió; jamás se me pasó por la cabeza
to enter hospital ingresar en el hospital
2 (penetrate) [+market] introducirse en; (sexually) penetrar
Sainsbury's is trying to enter the Scottish market West Midlands Travel, would be well placed to enter the market if Western abused its dominant position each time they made love he'd stopped just before he'd entered her and said, "you're protected, aren't you?"
3 (join) [+army, navy] alistarse en; enrolarse en; [+college, school] entrar en; [+company, organization] incorporarse a; entrar a formar parte de; [+profession] ingresar en; entrar en; [+discussion, conversation] unirse a; intervenir en; [+war] entrar en
what will happen if Hungary enters the war? that was when Japan entered the war
he entered the church se hizo sacerdote
he decided to enter a monastery decidió hacerse monje
he entered politics at a young age se metió en la política cuando era joven
he entered the family business teachers who have recently entered the profession this can be very hard on teachers just entering the profession psychiatrists who had entered the profession during World War II at 18 it's time to enter society he entered the BBC as a trainee a million people enter the labour market each year Britain is still refusing to enter the ERM Some exceptional children enter school already able to read they wanted me to return home and enter the university there "What do you know about him?" Sabrina asked, entering the conversation for the first time at this point, one of the lay magistrates entered the discussion Inevitably, if belatedly, Bruno entered the conversation only rarely did politics enter the discussion in all probability, Britain would enter any war against the Reich the United States was on the verge of entering World War II Italy had officially entered the war in June
4 (go in for) [+live competition, exam] presentarse a; [+race, postal competition] participar en; tomar parte en
he isn't eligible to enter the competition thousands of readers entered our competition to enter our competition, simply answer the following question to enter these competitions you need to be a member of the relevant society the thousands of readers who have entered the competition I'm running well and ready to enter some races he might enter the leadership contest if it went to a second ballot Wilder is expected to formally enter the presidential race this summer former judges should not be eligible to enter the competition don't miss out # make sure you enter our great contest today
5 (enrol) [+pupil] (for school) matricular; inscribir; (for examination) presentar
how many students are you entering this year? ¿a cuántos alumnos presentas este año?; to enter sth/sb for sth: he entered his son for Eton matriculó or inscribió a su hijo en Eton; to enter a horse for a race inscribir a un caballo para una carrera; she had intended to enter the piece of work for a competition su intención había sido presentar el trabajo a un concurso
she's going to enter her dog in a local show she entered her husband for the competition
6 (write down) [+name] escribir; apuntar; [+claim, request] presentar; formular; (Economics) [+amount, transaction] registrar; anotar; (Comm) [+order] registrar; anotar
enter your answers in the boxes provided escriba las respuestas en las casillas
all customer orders are entered in one book the order had been wrongly entered under Anderson instead of Andersen enter these purchases to me contractors are invited to enter bids for the work she entered all the amounts received in her notebook enter these items in the ledger
7 (begin) entrar en
as the war enters its second month al entrar la guerra en su segundo mes; the crisis is entering a new phase la crisis está entrando en una nueva fase
China enters a new five-year plan period next year
8 (Comput) [+data] introducir
they entered my name into a computer she spent all day entering data
9 (Jur)
to enter an appeal presentar un recurso de apelación
to enter a plea of guilty/not guilty declararse culpable/no culpable
Her attorney entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity Heron entered no plea to the murder charge Anne L. Henderson is before the court having entered a plea of guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit espionage to enter a [protest]
verbo intransitivo
1 (come in, go in) entrar
as soon as I entered, they stopped talking he stood outside the door, waiting for permission to enter
enter! ¡adelante!; ¡pase!
`Do not enter'
2 (Teat) entrar en escena
enter, stage left entra en escena por la izquierda del escenario; enter Macbeth entra en escena Macbeth
to enter, simply complete the coupon on page 150
to enter for [+live competition] (put name down for) inscribirse en; (take part in) presentarse a; [+race, postal competition] (put name down for) inscribirse en; (take part in) participar en
you should enter for a television quiz show he hasn't entered for the US Open yet and the deadline is only a week away todavía no se ha inscrito para el Open estadounidense y la inscripción se cierra dentro de una semana he never wins races but he always enters for them I entered for the annual English Festival of Spoken Poetry Ferrari had been in two minds about entering for the race as a boy, he entered for many competitions some of the projects entered for the awards
are you going to enter for the exam? ¿te vas a presentar al examen?
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