Everything You Need to Learn Spanish

101 resources to help you learn Spanish. Expertly curated. All in one place.

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Learning Spanish online can be hard, but it doesn't have to be. Our Spanish experts have scoured the Internet to find everything you need to perfect your Spanish. Pick a category to get started!
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  2. Premium Lessons (14)
  3. Dictionaries (5)
  4. Flashcards (4)
  5. Speaking Practice (6)
  6. Pronunciation Tips (6)
  7. Audio Methods (4)
  8. Grammar Articles (9)
  9. Verb Conjugations (6)
  10. Practice Tests (5)
  11. Spanish Media (20)
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Free Lessons
  1. SpanishDict Learn Spanish

    SpanishDict Learn Spanish

    Over 60 videos to learn Spanish from a certified Spanish teacher. Takes you from your first words to more complex conversations. ¡Vámonos!

  2. Foreign Service Basic

    Foreign Service Basic

    This course targets conversational phrases for beginners, using a combination of downloadable audio recordings and accompanying texts.

  3. BBC Spanish

    BBC Spanish

    Free beginner lessons organized around "Mi Vida Loca" include accompanying word lists and grammar lessons.

  4. SpanishDict Word of the Day

    SpanishDict Word of the Day

    Get your daily dose of Spanish with SpanishDict's Word of the Day site. Hear the word pronounced and see its part of speech and example sentences.

  5. 123 Teach Me

    123 Teach Me

    123 Teach Me offers free online resources for beginners. Learners can access pronounciation guides, Spanish quizzes, and grammar guides.

  6. Duolingo


    Duolingo is a mobile app offering free lessons in many languages. It uses computer-generated sentences to reinforce syntax and test vocabulary.

  7. SpanishUno


    SpanishUno offers grammar articles, vocabulary lists, games, and short stories. Premium access is also available, but most of the resources are free.

  8. Online Free Spanish

    Online Free Spanish

    Online Free Spanish uses games to review vocabulary. Word searches and illustrations appeal to a younger audience. The site is a bit outdated.

  9. Foreign Service Programmatic

    Foreign Service Programmatic

    This State Department resource containts a workbook, instructor manual, and student text, with accompanying audio bytes. An oldie but goodie.

  10. Foreign Service Spain

    Foreign Service Spain

    A course for diplomats, targeting small talk, traveling, eating out, and shopping. Includes a workbook, a cultural guide, and recorded dialogues.

  11. Foreign Service Latin America

    Foreign Service Latin America

    A workbook with useful chapters like "Is There a Gas Station Around Here?" Each chapter has a written self-assessment and accompanying audio files.

  12. No Comprendo

    No Comprendo

    No Comprendo's free course contains textbook-style grammar, cultural articles, and practice exercises. Beginner lessons only.

  13. Europa


    This older website houses beginner and intermediate lessons with vocabulary, phrases, and dialogue prompts, along with listening exercises.

  14. Spanish MOOC

    Spanish MOOC

    It's the MOOC tradeoff: free information but little personalization. Spanish I, II, and III MOOCs incorporate cultural content and self-assessments.

  15. Visual Link Spanish

    Visual Link Spanish

    Visual Link offers 489 free lessons in Spanish I. Pay $20 a month to access supplementary material. Paid lessons are not highly reviewed.

  16. The Spanish Blog

    The Spanish Blog

    Find 160 free video lessons with Spanish teacher Laura. Laura explains colloquialisms and leaves time for students to practice pronunciation.

Premium Lessons
  1. Fluencia


    Beautiful interface and personalization set Fluencia's lessons apart. Fluencia uses proprietary SmartReview to boost retention up to 200%.

  2. Rosetta Stone

    Rosetta Stone

    Rosetta Stone uses images and pattern recognition. Schedule sessions with live tutors to practice in a conversational, low-risk setting. $129 to $500.

  3. Mango Languages

    Mango Languages

    An all-around language learning app, with lessons geared towards young learners, government, or business learners. $79 to $176.

  4. Fluenz


    Fluenz paid lessons are designed for adult learners and thematically organized around conversational topics. Levels 1-5 cost $358.

  5. Babbel


    Users match images to words and phrases in a game-style interface. The first month is $14.95, or get a discount on multiple months.

  6. Living Language

    Living Language

    Find online courses, mobile apps, and free downloads. Lessons feature word searches and sentence builders. Premium lessons cost $150 for one year.

  7. Pimsleur


    The Pimsleur Method uses audio lessons to teach Spanish from the ground up. Download an audio-only sample lesson or purchase the package for $450.

  8. Camino del éxito

    Camino del éxito

    Study Spanish offers an audio-based premium course, Camino del éxito ($155), in addition to free articles on grammar, vocabulary, and conjugation.

  9. Rocket Languages Premium

    Rocket Languages Premium

    A comprehensive online service with quizzes, listening comprehension, and voice comparison. Lessons cost $90.

  10. Hello-Hello World

    Hello-Hello World

    Games, animation, and a mobile-facing interface define Hello-Hello. Choose either Conversational Course or Vocabulary Training for $29.95 per year.

  11. Nulu


    Nulu reads news articles aloud in Spanish. They offer premium lessons for $120 a year, but the free trial articles provide a good daily review.

  12. Busuu


    Busuu includes flashcards and free gamified lessons. Premium grants access to grammar units and Busuu certificates for $165 for two years.

  13. Michel Thomas

    Michel Thomas

    Audio-based lessons, available through CD. Purchase beginner level online course through Barnes and Noble for $117.

  14. Yabla


    This site teaches subscribers Spanish through informal videos of Spanish culture. Subscription costs $9.95 a month.

Spanish Media
  1. BBC Mi Vida Loca

    BBC Mi Vida Loca

    Episodes 1-22 of Mi Vida Loca invite viewers to visit Spain, learning strategic words as they go. Free and great for beginners.

  2. Destinos


    Watch episodes 1-52 of "Destinos," and visit Spanish-speaking countries around the world. Includes accompanying vocabulary and grammar exercises.

  3. Hulu Latino

    Hulu Latino

    This site needs little explanation. Watch Latin soap operas online. Feel your comprehension accelerate as the drama escalates.

  4. Univision Programas

    Univision Programas

    Watch Univision shows like "Despierta America" and "Casos de Familia" online.

  5. TED Talks in Spanish

    TED Talks in Spanish

    Educational TED Talks can inform and inspire. Search TED Talks by language to find talks in Spanish. Some videos have subtitles, others do not.

  6. Fundéu


    Fundéu, a cultural foundation, covers art, culture, sports, religion, and current events. All articles are in Spanish.

  7. Learn Spanish Survival Guide

    Learn Spanish Survival Guide

    Free podcasts explain the mechanics of Spanish as the speaker builds increasingly more complex sentences. Organized by topic in 5-15 minute tracks.

  8. Drama Fever

    Drama Fever

    Learn by watching TV! As with real conversations, visual cues supplement comprehension so you can interpret meaning above your level of mastery.

  9. Spanish Stories in HD

    Spanish Stories in HD

    Cartoons in Spanish, with karaoke-style subtitles, allow kids to read along with the narrator of a YouTube playlist. Features 18 short videos.

  10. TuneIn


    Love salsa? Bachata? Merengue? Let the rhythm take you over with one of the Latin Radio stations on TuneIn!

  11. International House Barcelona

    International House Barcelona

    This page, geared towards students, links to radio and print media. Includes Business, Science and Technology, News and Current Affairs, and Sports.

  12. Business Spanish

    Business Spanish

    Major newspapers listed in alphabetical order by country. The site also includes short professional lessons, such as pharmaceutical vocabulary.

  13. Telemundo


    Watch sports, entertainment news, or telenovelas on this site. Short clips for native speakers are great for practicing listening comprehension.

  14. Univision News

    Univision News

    Read the news in Spanish on this Latin American news outlet. This authentic practice will be great for intermediate and advanced students.

  15. Univision Novelas

    Univision Novelas

    Want authentic immersion? Watch Univision Novelas. Great for intermediate and advanced learners who want to practice listening comprehension.

  16. XD Videos

    XD Videos

    A blog to search for your favorite show and watch original episodes with Spanish subtitles. Marginal education value but high fun factor.

  17. Online Newspapers

    Online Newspapers

    Find a list of major Spanish news outlets. Some editions are available in both Spanish and English.

  18. Viki


    Viki has lots of Asian TV, but search by language or country to find shows from Spanish-speaking places.

  19. EuroNews


    Read European news and watch short news clips in Spanish on this media outlet.

  20. Coffee Break Spanish

    Coffee Break Spanish

    Learn by listening to teacher-student dialogues in 80 short lessons -- just long enough for a coffee break. Download free as podcasts.