What would it be like to have 100 times more nerves that were connecting you to the world around you?
¿Cómo sería tener 100 veces más nervios que te conectaran con el mundo que te rodea?
Like they were connecting, you know?
Como que tenían una conexión, ¿sabes?
I mean, you could tell instantly that the way you guys were connecting was really amazing.
Quiero decir, se podía ver cómo vosotros conectabais instantáneamente.
That we were connecting.
De que estábamos conectando.
We finally got to a place where we were connecting and working together, and I didn't want to lose it.
Por fin llegamos a un punto en el que estábamos conectando y trabajando juntas, y no quería perderlo.
They were connecting with me in as many ways as possible and in the ways I was willing and ready to accept.
Ellos se estaban conectando conmigo en todas las formas posibles y en formas en las que yo estaba dispuesta y lista para aceptar.
Um... I like being around you and I'm not trying to pressure you, but... lt seemed like we were connecting more, physically, when we started going out.
Me gusta estar contigo y no trato de presionarte, pero parece que nos conectábamos más, físicamente, cuando comenzamos a salir.
The Ley lines in our garden were connecting me to the Greater Energy Field, I used to sit there to think, so much opened up for me, I felt connected with all that is.
Las Líneas Ley en nuestro jardín estaban conectándome con el Campo de la Gran Energía, acostumbraba a sentarme ahí para pensar, así mucho se abrió para mí, supe que no estaba ahí.
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