-I watched
The word vigilé is the preterite form of vigilar in the first person singular.
See the full vigilar conjugation


Sí, así que vigilé su coche, como me pidió.
Yeah, so, I watched his car, like he asked.
Yo lo vigilé del auto a la puerta.
I watched him from the car to the door.
Por supuesto, te vigilé a través de los años.
Of course, I checked in on you over the years.
Sí, vigilé a John durante 20 años.
Yeah, I guarded John for 20 years.
No había vidas en riesgo... y te vigilé.
It wasn't life-threatening, and I kept my eye on you.
No, todo bien, vigilé mi espalda.
No, all good. I watched my back.
Lo vigilé todo el día y ha ido al baño muy seguido...
I watched him all day and he's been going to the bathroom more often...
Él nunca salió y vigilé incluso después de que llegaran los policías.
He never came out, and I watched, even after the cops got here.
Como dijo el hombre... lo vigilé.
Like the man said, I watched you.
Yo le vigilé la primera vez que vino.
I was on him when he first came here from Matobo.
La vigilé por varios días.
I've watched her for several days.
Lo vigilé toda la noche.
Had him staked out all night.
La vigilé toda la noche.
I watched her the entire night.
Pero le vigilé y le seguí. Y le vi.
But I watched, and I followed him.
Finalmente lo vigilé durante una hora, pero, no lo arrestaré.
Finally tracked him down about an hour ago but, uh, I won't be arresting him.
La vigilé todo el día.
I had her all day.
La observé, la vigilé.
I watched it, la vigilé.
Pero siempre te vigilé porque aún está ahí.
But I always look out for you, my child, because she's still there!
Obtuve su nombre real, dónde vivía, y fui, vigilé el sitio.
I found out his real name, where he lived, and I went by, I scoped the place out.
No dije que robaras tú el dinero, y eso que solo vigilé.
I didn't tell you to steal that money, and I was just looking out!
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