-they saw
The word vieran is the imperfect subjunctive form of ver in the third person plural.
See the full ver conjugation


¿Vamos a encontrar testigos que te vieran discutiendo con él?
Are we gonna find witnesses that saw you arguing with him?
Es como si los fanáticos vieran dos juegos completamente diferentes.
It's like the fans are seeing two completely different games.
¿Vamos a encontrar testigos que te vieran discutiendo con él?
Are we gonna find witnesses that saw you arguing with him?
Lo dejaron en esa condición para que otros hombres vieran.
They left him in this condition for other men to see.
Solo quería que vieran el último trabajo del vándalo.
Just wanted you to see the latest work of the vandal.
¿Cómo es posible que no vieran esto venir?
How is it possible you didn't see this coming?
Quise que ellos vieran la escena del crimen, señor.
I wanted them to see the crime scene, sir.
No, ya vieron lo que ella quería que vieran.
No, they've already seen what she wanted them to see.
Esa no es la forma que quería que nos vieran.
This is not the way I wanted you to see us.
A lo mejor no quería que la vieran como una víctima.
Maybe she didn't want to be seen as a victim.
¿No sería mejor que las personas no te vieran así?
Wouldn't it be best people don't see you like this?
¿Qué crees que pensaría la gente cuando nos vieran?
What do you think people think when they see us?
Si nos vieran juntos, sería un escándalo.
If we're seen together, it would be a scandal.
Sería mejor si no nos vieran juntos.
It would be better if we were not seen together.
Solo quería que todos ustedes vieran que estábamos listos.
Just wanted all of you to see that we were ready.
Solo quería que le vieran como un ganador.
He just wanted to be seen as a winner.
No quería que tus vecinos te vieran entrar aquí.
I didn't want your neighbors to see you coming here.
Te dije, Que no garantizabamos que vieran alguna ballena.
I told you, we don't guarantee you see any whales.
Se escondió en los matorrales para que no lo vieran.
He hid in the bushes so that they would not see him.
Si me vieran, podría perder mi trabajo.
If they see me, I could lose my job.
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