-we will transmit
The word transmitiremos is the future form of transmitir in the first person plural.
See the full transmitir conjugation


Lo transmitiremos a nuestra capital para su detenida consideración.
We shall transmit it to our capital for careful consideration.
Solo así transmitiremos un mensaje claro y convincente a Corea.
Only then will our message to Korea be clear and convincing.
Los transmitiremos a la Mesa, como lo he propuesto.
We shall pass them on to the Bureau, as I suggested.
Sin embargo, no dude a rellenar este formulario y transmitiremos su solicitud.
However, don't hesitate to fill this form and we will forward your request.
Gracias por esta valiosa sugerencia que transmitiremos al departamento competente.
Thank you for this valuable suggestion which we will forward to the appropriate department.
En efecto, transmitiremos con mucho gusto su pregunta a la Comisión.
We will happily forward your question to the Commission.
Lo transmitiremos a nuestra capital para recibir instrucciones.
This will be communicated to the capital for instructions.
Son elementos que transmitiremos inmediatamente a Ottawa para su posterior estudio.
These are items which we will convey forthwith to Ottawa for further study.
Examinaremos tales enmiendas cuidadosamente y transmitiremos nuestra opinión al Consejo.
We will look at these amendments very carefully and give our opinion to the Council.
De una forma u otra, hermanito, transmitiremos el mensaje.
Either way, little brother, the message will be sent.
. De una forma u otra, hermanito, transmitiremos el mensaje.
Either way, little brother, the message will be sent.
Tomamos nota y transmitiremos sus comentarios.
We shall note and pass on your comments.
Hemos tomado nota de su observación, señor Howitt, y la transmitiremos.
We have noted your point, Mr Howitt, and we shall pass it on.
Señor Heaton-Harris, transmitiremos su observación.
Mr Heaton-Harris, we will pass on your comment.
Te transmitiremos la imagen con esto.
We'll transmit the picture to you on this.
Con el objetivo de mejorar nuestros servicios, transmitiremos esta información a otros departamentos.
This information will be shared with other departments to improve our services.
Pueden confiar en que transmitiremos estas demandas a nuestros socios del Consejo.
You can rely on us to pass these demands on to our partners in the Council.
No obstante, tomamos nota de la observación y la transmitiremos a la Mesa.
However, we will take note of the comments and forward them to the Committee.
Y el sonido resultó tan ofensivo, que no lo transmitiremos. Está bien.
Which he did, with a sound so offensive, Well, all right.
El punto 12 dice que transmitiremos la resolución a la Comisión y al Tribunal de Cuentas.
Point 12 says that we must refer the decision to the Commission and Court of Auditors.
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