Possible Results:
-I swallowed
Preteriteyoconjugation oftragar.
See the entry fortrague.
-I swallow
Subjunctiveyoconjugation oftragar.


Me tragué una bocanada de you tiao, lentamente respondiendo la pregunta.
I swallowed a mouthful of you tiao, slowly answering the question.
Y me tragué sus insultos junto con sus afrentes.
And I swallowed their insults along with their slurs.
Me tragué la actuación del amigo devastado hace doce años.
I bought the devastated friend act 12 years ago.
Sí, bueno, yo tampoco me lo tragué al principio.
Yeah, well, I didn't buy it at first either.
Dijeron que fue casualidad, pero no me lo tragué.
They said it was an accident, but I didn't buy it.
Él se hizo la víctima, y yo me tragué el anzuelo.
He played the victim card, and I bought it.
Por eso nunca me tragué el Libro de la Selva.
It's why I never bought into The Jungle Book.
No tragué entonces y no voy a tragar ahora.
I didn't cave then, and we are not caving now.
¿Crees que me tragué ese truco con John Dellmore en el restaurante?
You think I bought that John Dellmore stunt At the restaurant?
Ya tragué suficiente arena para volver a la ciudad.
I've eaten enough sand to send me back to the city anyway.
Me tragué el orgullo y fui a verlos.
I swallowed my pride and went in.
No creas que me tragué tan rápido tu historia.
I don't think the boss buys your story, either.
Para mí fue muy duro, pero me lo tragué.
I took that hard, but I buried it.
Sí, yo tampoco me lo tragué, senor.
Yeah, I didn't buy that one myself, sir.
No me lo tragué por poco.
I don't buy it for a second.
En realidad, sí me lo tragué.
Actually, I did buy it.
Me tragué un anillo de diamantes.
I got a diamond ring in me, man.
Pero tengo un poco de parálisis de Bell de la última vez que tragué eso.
But I got a little Bell's palsy last time I ate that.
Me tragué una puerta.
I walked into a door.
No lo necesito, ya me lo tragué.
Never mind that now. I don't need it.
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