Possible Results:
-I ended
Imperfect subjunctiveyoconjugation ofterminar.
Imperfect subjunctiveél/ella/ustedconjugation ofterminar.
Affirmative imperativeconjugation ofterminar.


Bueno, soy la razón de que ella terminase en este lugar.
Well, I'm the reason that she ended up in this place.
No estaría bien que el juego terminase tan pronto, monsieur.
You wouldn't want to see the game end too soon, monsieur.
¿Es posible que el material perdido terminase en manos de EE.UU.?
Is it possible that the missing material ended up in U.S. hands?
Tuve que esperar a que mi novia terminase de desayunar.
I had to wait on my girlfriend To finish eating breakfast.
Dijiste que estarías fuera hasta que todo terminase.
You said you'd be out until everything was over.
No quería que él terminase como yo.
I didn't want him to end up like me.
Supongo que no quería que terminase el fin de semana.
Didn't want the weekend to finish, I suppose.
Porque en ese momento lo único que quería era que todo terminase.
Because at that moment I just wanted it all to end.
No creo ni que terminase el hechizo.
I don't think she even finished the spell.
No había planeado que nuestra noche terminase en la cocina.
I hadn't planned Friday evening's activities to end up in the kitchen.
No deseaba que mi vida terminase así.
I do not wish for my life to end this way.
Si lo que yo hice terminase ahora.
If what I have done ended now.
Le dije que terminase la escena.
I told him to finish the scene.
Al final, solo quería que aquello terminase.
Finally, I just wanted it to be over and it was.
Te dije que te llamaría cuando terminase.
I told you I would call you when it's finished.
Bueno, ha estado llamando desde el juicio, tratando de que terminase mi libro.
Well, they've been calling since the trial, trying to get me to finish my book.
Olesky quería verme para algo, pero tuve que esperar hasta que terminase.
Olesky wanted to see me about something, but I had to wait until he finished.
Cambié los planos para poder conseguir que el puente se terminase a tiempo.
I changed the plans so I could get the bridgefinished on time.
Bastante antes de que se les terminase el tónico, habían dejado de necesitarlo.
Long before the tonics were finished they had ceased to need them.
Solo quería que eso terminase.
I just wanted to that end.
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