No te ganaste el derecho de ser tratada como a una adulta.
You haven't earned the right to be treated as an adult.
Apuesto a que nunca te ganaste eso en Progeia.
I bet you never did that at Progeia.
Sí, definitivamente te ganaste la lotería con ella.
Yeah, you definitely won the lottery on that one.
Realmente te ganaste tu sueldo hoy, ¿no?
They really made you earn your pay today, huh?
En verdad te ganaste la lotería cuando me escogiste.
But they don't. You really hit the jackpot when you got me.
No te ganaste la lotería.
You have not won the lottery.
¿Cuándo te ganaste la vida por primera vez?
When did you first make a living?
Entonces ya te ganaste la mía.
Then you have more than earned mine.
Pero te ganaste ese dinero, así que guárdalo, ¿sí?
But you earned that money, so you keep it, okay?
Solo un pequeño sobrenombre que te ganaste en el pasado.
Just a little nickname That you earned back in the day.
Así es, y te ganaste un Premio de la Academia.
That's right, and you won an Academy Award.
Creo que te ganaste una plaza en el sofá.
I think you've earned a place on the couch.
Sí, te ganaste un premio. Bajá a buscarlo dale.
Yes, you won a prize, come down to get it.
Es solo un pequeño apodo. Que te ganaste en el pasado.
Just a little nickname that you earned back in the day.
No, ese es un título que te ganaste.
No, that is a title you earned.
En fin... por lo que hiciste en el juego, te ganaste esto.
Anyway... for what you did at that game, you've earned this.
Ahora tienes que probar que te ganaste ese lugar.
Because now you have to prove that you earned that spot.
Sí, bueno, significa que te ganaste tu protección.
Yeah, well, it means that, uh, you've earned your protection.
Es por eso que te ganaste la lotería hoy.
That's why you've won the jackpot today.
Y tú te ganaste un lugar en el congelador.
And you just talked your way into the freezer.
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