-they whispered
The word susurraron is the preterite form of susurrar in the third person plural.
See the full susurrar conjugation


La miraron y se susurraron el uno al otro tras sus revistas trimestrales.
They looked at her and whispered to each other behind their quarterlies.
Se susurraron el uno al otro y se apoyaron el uno contra el otro.
They whispered to each other and leaned against each other.
Ellos susurraron su nombre.
They would whisper his name.
Ellos me lo susurraron.
They've whispered to me.
También algunos del Consejo de Ética recibieron las octavillas, susurraron entre sí, pero no se atrevieron a hablarnos.
Even some of the Ethics Council received the leaflets, they whispered among themselves, but dared not to speak to us.
Apenas comenzó el peligro para mí, los dos colegas que tenía al lado me susurraron palabras de ánimo.
As soon as the danger for me had begun, the two colleagues who were beside me whispered words of encouragement.
Apenas comenzó el peligro para mí, los dos colegas que tenía al lado me susurraron palabras de ánimo.
As soon as the danger began for me, the two colleagues, who were close to me, whispered me words of encouragement.
De verdad traté de oírlas, pero Ollie dijo que sabían que yo estaba escuchando y entonces susurraron.
I tried so hard to hear them, but Ollie said that they knew that I was listening, and so they'd whisper.
Y al final de cada día, Uds. pueden decirme qué se susurraron y yo les explicaré todo, ¿sí?
And at the end of each day, the two of you can tell me everything you whispered to each other and I'll explain things to you, all right?
Los árboles de Vallespir susurraron a su paso. Al alcanzar la esquina de la calle, se asomaron para comprobar que no hubiera nadie.
The trees of Vallespir whispered as they passed. When they reached the street, they peeked around the corner to make sure nobody was there.
O esa noche oscura cuando tenía 16 años y 3 niños pequeños vinieron a mí y me susurraron al oído que a mi amiga la habían asesinado por algo llamado asesinato de honor.
Or that dark night when I was 16 when three little kids had come to me and they whispered in my ear that my friend was murdered in something called the honor killings.
Sopló el ostro y las hojas susurraron.
The south wind blew and the leaves rustled.
Las hojas susurraron con el viento.
The leaves rustled in the wind.
La susurraron, relatos de amor y de crecimiento y de calor y de vida.
They whispered to her, tales of love and growth and warmth and life.
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