-we will steal
The word robaremos is the future form of robar in the first person plural.
See the full robar conjugation


Así que no le robaremos mucho de su tiempo.
So we won't take up a lot of your time.
Este año le robaremos un millón de dólares al Sr. Burns.
This year we will fly a million dollars to Mr. Burns.
Vamos a perder a algunos chicos, pero lo robaremos.
We're gonna lose a few guys, but we'll take it.
Por favor, venga al escenario y robaremos su banco.
Could you please come up to the stage and we'll rob your bank.
Y lo que no podamos comprar, lo robaremos.
And what we can't buy, we'll steal.
También nos robaremos el cloro, pero eso iba a suceder de todos modos.
We're also stealing chlorine, but that was already gonna happen.
¿Dónde robaremos una bolsa mañana, Jack?
Where shall we take a purse tomorrow, Jack?
Solo robaremos un par de cosas.
We're gonna just steal a couple of things.
Por favor, suba al escenario, y robaremos su banco.
Could you please come up to the stage and we'll rob your bank.
Les prometo que no les robaremos mucho tiempo.
Promise we won't take up too much of your time.
Es por eso que robaremos un banco.
That's why we'll rob a bank.
No robaremos el dinero para nosotros.
We're not stealing the money for ourselves.
Solo lo robaremos de vuelta, ¿está bien?
We'll just steal it right back, all right?
Y si no la obtenemos fácilmente, seguiremos adelante y la robaremos.
And if it isn't easily gotten, we'll go ahead and steal it.
Y después, te robaremos tu reloj.
And then we're gonna steal your watch.
Entonces, cuando regreses robaremos el auto, ¿correcto?
So, as soon as you get back... we steal the car, right?
Bueno, no robaremos sus clientes.
Fine, we won't steal their clients.
La próxima vez, robaremos coches.
Next time, we'll steal cars.
No le robaremos mucho tiempo.
We wouldn't take up too much of your time.
No le robaremos más tiempo.
We won't take up any more of your time.
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