-they will steal
The word robarán is the future form of robar in the third person plural.
See the full robar conjugation


Y al así hacerlo, te robarán de tu gozo.
And in so doing, they will rob you of your joy.
Al menos, querida Angélica, a ti no te robarán las joyas.
At least, dear Angelica, they will not steal your jewels.
Pon mi bolso en alguna parte, aquí no robarán.
Put my purse somewhere, they won't steal it here.
Si les pagas lo suficiente, se robarán lo que sea.
If you pay them enough, they'll steal anything.
Te quedarás dormido y te robarán el dinero.
You'll fall asleep and they'll steal the money.
Arruinarán su vida, robarán sus sueños y...
They'll smash your life up, steal your dreams and...
Pues lo robarán, porque no consigo vender nada.
Well, then they're stealing it, because I can't move anything.
Te robarán la vida y el alma.
They'll steal your life and your soul.
Esto nos llevará donde robarán un esquife.
This leads to where you can steal a skiff.
Martha, no se robarán esta granja.
Martha, they're not gonna steal this farm.
En ese caso, lo desenterrarán y se lo robarán.
If you do, they'll dig you up and steal it.
Cuidado, te robarán a tu esposa.
Watch out, they might steal your wife.
Sí, señor. Le prometo que no robarán más flores.
I promise you, no more flowers will be stolen.
Te robarán tu maletín.
They'll steal your briefcase.
Y entonces le robarán.
And then they'll rob you.
Con esa manía de emperejilarte, un día te robarán todo en el metro.
One day, they'll rob you in the subway.
¿Qué robarán a continuación?
What are they gonna steal next?
¿Me robarán otro dinosaurio?
Here to steal another dino from me?
Creo que le robarán.
I believe you're being robbed.
Aquí no los robarán.
They won't get stolen around here.
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