The word robaban is the imperfect form of robar in the third person plural.
See the full robar conjugation


¿Así que cruzaban la calle y robaban unas flores más?
So you'd go across the street and steal a few more flowers?
Yo simplemente movía lo que robaban de un lado a otro.
I just moved what they stole from one place to another.
Mientras te robaban las gallinas, él estaba aquí y tú le viste.
While they were stealing your hens he was here and you saw him.
Ustedes robaban dinero de la tribu.
You were stealing money from the tribe.
¡Pero por suerte, soñé que me lo robaban!
But fortunately, I dreamt that they stole it!
Cuanto más comprábamos, más robaban (y mataban) los invasores.
The more we bought, the more the invaders stole–and slaughtered.
Robaban sólo un poco, pero todos robaban.
They cheat just by a little bit, all the same.
Quiero decir, ellos no robaban bancos.
I mean, they didn't rob banks.
Estuve una vez en una bóveda, mientras la robaban.
You know, I was once in a vault while it was being robbed.
Estos hombres pedían, robaban, y comían la comida que otros ni siquiera miraban.
These men begged, scrounged, and ate food that others would not even look at.
Ellos me robaban delante mía.
They were going to steal it right in front of me.
Y si me robaban, bien saben... que la hubiera tenido que usar.
And if you rob me, you know, I would've had to have used it.
No pudo ver como se lo robaban.
There's no way he saw it being stolen.
El mismo lugar era un lugar del crimen donde a la gente le robaban.
The same spot, it was a crime spot where people were being robbed.
No sabía que ustedes robaban a los huérfanos.
I didn't know you steal from the orphans!
¿Los que robaban autos de lujo?
The ones jacking luxury cars?
Así que cuando los chistes eran muy conocidos, todo el mundo se los robaban unos a otros.
So when one-liners were really popular, everybody stole them from one another.
El escándalo reveló que chotas de CRASH robaban drogas a los traficantes para venderla en la calle.
The scandal revealed that CRASH cops stole drugs from dealers to sell on the street.
Me robaban el dinero.
They stole my money.
En mi antiguo trabajo nos robaban constantemente, así que ahora tengo un sexto sentido.
At my old job we got robbed all the time so I got the sixth sense now.
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