The word robaba is the imperfect form of robar in the first person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
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Y resolvíamos el misterio de quién se robaba nuestro periódico.
And we solved the mystery of who was stealing our newspaper.
Aquel tipo era un ladrón, y siempre robaba a gente rica.
That guy is a thief, and always steals rich people.
Ver qué sabe sobre que su marido robaba de la compañía.
See what she knows about her husband stealing from the company.
Usted podría ver que él robaba el caramelo.
You could see that he was stealing the candy.
Me atrajo a su habitación mientras él me robaba aquí.
She enticed me into her room while he robbed me here.
Puedes apostar a que les robaba a todos ellos.
You can bet he was stealing from all of them.
Si robaba dulces para ellos, dejarían que me quedara.
If I stole candy for them, they would let me stay.
Te das cuenta que tu padre robaba todos tus regalos..
You just find out that your dad stole all your presents...
Entonces, si Clara robaba dinero a su esposo,
So, if Clara stole money from her husband,
Nunca viste que robaba dinero de tu bolso.
You never noticed that I stole money from your handbag.
¿Este es el chico que te robaba del casillero?
Is this the guy who was stealing from the lockers?
Cuando yo era pequeño, robaba mucho en las tiendas.
When I was little, I stole from stores a lot.
Yo robaba cosas también cuando tenía tu edad.
I nicked things too when I was your age.
Ella robaba, peleaba y le faltaba el respeto a sus padres.
She used to steal, fight and disrespect her parents.
¿Es cierto que Cauchy robaba a sus alumnos?
Isn't it true Cauchy stole from his students?
¿Por qué no me dijisteis que Nedim robaba?
Why didn't you tell me Nedim was stealing?
Durante el día visteis como robaba mi coche una mujer, ¿verdad?
During the day you saw my car get stolen by a woman, right?
Bueno, verás, robaba solo lo suficiente para tres.
Well, see, I'd only steal enough for three.
Esto es lo que creo...creo que Zack robaba coches para ti.
Here's what I think... I think that Zack stole cars for you.
¿Por qué crees que yo estafaba y robaba a los 14 años?
Why you think I was running cons and stealing at 14?
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