-we would solve
The word resolveríamos is the conditional form of resolver in the first person plural.
See the full resolver conjugation


De modo que resolveríamos la cuestión fundamental de la física.
So we would solve the fundamental question of physics.
Le he dicho a la policía que mañana resolveríamos el papeleo.
I told the police we'd do the paperwork tomorrow.
Si esto sucediera, no resolveríamos la situación.
If we were to do this, then we will not resolve the situation.
Estábamos pensando que no haríamos eso y que lo resolveríamos solos.
We were thinking that we wouldn't do that, and we would just solve it ourselves.
Si nos invitaras, una cena, bebidas, aquí en tu casa, lo resolveríamos.
If you invite us... dinner, drinks... here at your place, we talk it out.
Te dije que lo resolveríamos.
I told you we'll figure it out.
Sabía que lo resolveríamos.
I knew we'd work it all out, heh.
Te dije que lo resolveríamos.
Told you we'd figure this out.
Sabía que los resolveríamos.
He knew we'd solve it.
Sabía que lo resolveríamos.
I knew we'd solve it.
Pensé que se calmaría en unos días, que volvería y resolveríamos las cosas.
I thought she'd cool off in a couple of days, come back, we would work things out.
Si pasáramos unos días juntos, sé que lo resolveríamos.
If we could just have a few days together, I know we could work everything out. Harry, don't get on the train.
Esto significa que incluso si los países desarrollados redujeran drásticamente sus emisiones no resolveríamos el problema del cambio climático.
In other words, even if developed countries should drastically reduce their emissions, we would still be far from solving the climate change problem.
Eso significa que, si obtuviéramos una respuesta, resolveríamos una importante cuestión financiera que ayudaría a lograr la seguridad jurídica.
What that means is that, if we get an answer, we would be resolving an important financial issue, one that would help bring legal certainty.
Te decía que no quería ser parte de esto, y tú me abrazabas y decías que lo resolveríamos.
I said that I don't want to be in this anymore, and then you would just hold me and tell me that we would figure it out.
Creo que las consecuencias serán mayores si concedemos la aprobación, pues así no resolveríamos los problemas pendientes y jugaríamos mal nuestras cartas desde este Parlamento.
I believe that granting a discharge would have the most consequences, because that will not solve the outstanding problems and we would be playing our hand poorly on behalf of Parliament.
Dijo que a cualquier parte que fuera lo resolveriamos.
He said wherever I went, we'd work it out.
Me sorprendió, porque creí que lo resolveríamos y que pasaríamos al siguiente nivel.
I was surprised because I figured we would figure it out and we'd move to the next level.
Sin embargo, puedo decir lo siguiente: si fuera por la Presidencia irlandesa, lo resolveríamos.
I can say this, however. If it were a matter for the Irish presidency we would resolve it.
De esa manera al menos resolveríamos los problemas más urgentes y prestaríamos apoyo tanto al Parlamento Europeo como a los Parlamentos nacionales.
In that way, though, we would at any rate solve the most urgent problems and support both the European Parliament and the national parliaments.
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