-you would laugh
The word reirías is the conditional form of reír in the second person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
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¿Te reirías de un sujeto en una silla de ruedas?
Would you make fun of a guy in a wheelchair?
No te reirías si llevara a cabo mi sugerencia.
You wouldn't laugh if I did carry out my suggestion.
Vamos, hombre, me has prometido que no te reirías.
Come on, man, you promised me you wouldn't laugh.
Oh, debería haber sabido que te reirías de mi.
Oh, I should've known you'd laugh at me.
Si tú pudieras verte la cara, te reirías.
If you could see your face, you'd laugh.
No pensé que te reirías en mi cara.
I didn't think you'd laugh in my face.
Sabía que te reirías, pero es la verdad.
I knew you'd laugh, but it's true all the same.
Si vieras algo así en la tele te reirías.
If you saw that, like, on television, you would laugh.
No sé si te reirías o llorarías.
I don't know if you'd laugh or cry.
Sabía que te reirías, pero es la verdad.
I knew you'd laugh, but it's true.
Si pudieras verte, te reirías como me río yo ahora.
Oh, if you could see yourself, you'd laugh as I'm laughing now.
Nunca te lo dije porque pensé que te reirías.
I never told you cos I thought you'd laugh.
Si te lo dijera, te reirías de mí.
If I told you, you'd laugh at me.
Sinceramente, pensaba que te reirías de mí.
Well, hostly, I thought you would make fun of me.
Te reirías si oyeses algunas de las cosas que les hecho.
You'd laugh, you heard some of the things I've done to them.
Vamos, prometiste que no te reirías.
Come on, you promised you wouldn't laugh.
Debí haberme dado cuenta... de que tú solo te reirías de mí.
Always I should have known... you would only laugh at me.
Estaba seguro de que te reirías.
I was certain you would have a laugh.
Ya te he dicho que te reirías.
I told you that you'd be amused.
No te reirías si supieras qué te esperaba.
You wouldn't be laughing if you knew what was in store for you.
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