-I would laugh
The word reiría is the conditional form of reír in the first person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
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Si alguien me pidiera nueve de los grandes hoy, me reiría.
If someone asked me for 9 grand today, i'd laugh.
Pero me fallará y él se reiría de mí.
But I would fail and he would laugh at me.
Bueno, Londo él se reiría desde la base de sus zapatos.
Well, Londo he would laugh from the bottom of his shoes up.
Sé que cualquier hombre se reiría de semejante historia.
I know that any man would laugh at such a story.
Si alguien me pidiera nueve de los grandes hoy, me reiría.
If someone asked me for 9 grand today, I'd laugh.
Nunca pensé que me reiría con eso, eso es peligroso.
Never thought I'd make myself laugh with that one, that's dangerous.
Si tuviera una suegra como la mía, jamás se reiría.
Yes? If he had a mother-in-law like mine, he would never laugh.
Me reiría de ti, pero no estás bien.
I would laugh at you, but you're not well.
Yo me reiría de todas las bromas, créeme.
I would laugh at all your jokes, believe me.
Pindalest se reiría de mí, si se lo pidiera.
Pindalest would laugh at me if I asked him to.
No, el comandante se reiría en mi cara.
No! The Major would laugh in my face.
La gente del barrio se reiría de mí.
The guys on the block would laugh at me.
Él se... él se reiría de mí ahora mismo.
He would— he would laugh at me right now.
Si esto le hubiera pasado a otro, me reiría.
If it were happening to anyone else, I'd laugh.
Por supuesto, yo nunca me reiría de ti.
Of course, I would never make fun of you.
Me reiría porque sé que no soy violeta.
I would laugh because i know I'm not purple.
Se reiría, porque nadie creería tal cosa.
He would laugh, because no one would believe such a thing.
Hay cosas de las que nunca me reiría.
There are things i would never laugh at.
Si pudiera verme ahora, se reiría.
If he could see me now, he'd laugh.
Si tuviera fuerzas, me reiría de todo esto.
If I had the energy, I'd laugh at all of this.
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