-you recovered
The word recuperaste is the preterite form of recuperar in the second person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
See the full recuperar conjugation


Si, la forma como recuperaste el libro fue fantástica.
Yeah, the way you got that book back was amazing.
Me alegro de ver que recuperaste tu antiguo trabajo.
Glad to see you got your old job back.
Te fuiste y recuperaste tus poderes, ¿no es así?
You went and got your powers back, didn't you?
Lo importante es que recuperaste tu magia.
The important thing is that you have your magic back.
Es muy bueno que recuperaste tu gorra.
It's really good that you got your hat back.
Lo importante es que recuperaste tu magia.
The important thing is that you have your magic back.
Así que por fin recuperaste tu confianza, ¿o no?
So you finally got your confidence back, huh?
Estás diferente ahora que recuperaste tu empleo.
You're different now that you have your job back.
Bien, al menos recuperaste tu dinero.
Well, at least you got your money back.
Esperé hasta que te recuperaste, pero no podía quedarme.
I waited until you were well, but I couldn't stay there.
Mira, Larry, recuperaste tu comida, y yo la mía.
Look, Larry, you got your food, I got my food.
Me alegra ver que recuperaste tus fuerzas.
I'm glad to see you've got your strength back.
En el hospital, recuperaste la memoria.
At the hospital, you regained your memory.
Lo importante es, que recuperaste el sentido.
The important thing is, you came to your senses.
Me alegra ver que recuperaste el apetito.
Glad to see you got your appetite back.
Es bueno ver que recuperaste tu acento.
Nice to see you got your accent back.
Entonces, ¿la recuperaste o qué?
So, did you get her back yet or what?
Así que... te dejó, te recuperaste por completo, y después me conociste.
So... he dumped you, you healed completely, and then you met me.
Y oí que recuperaste tu trabajo.
And I hear you got your job back.
Si recuperaste la conciencia, deberías haber regresado de inmediato.
If you gained consciousness, you should have returned right away!
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