-we will recover
The word recuperaremos is the future form of recuperar in the first person plural.
See the full recuperar conjugation


Estas son dos horas de nuestra vida que nunca recuperaremos.
That's two hours of our lives we'll never get back.
Si nos sacan de este caso, nunca recuperaremos el dinero.
If we're removed from this case, we'll never recover the money.
No te preocupes, recuperaremos el dinero en una semana.
Don't worry we'll make the money back in a week.
Mira, si ella va a la cárcel, no recuperaremos nada.
Look, if she goes to jail, we'll never get anything back.
Y ahora que ha muerto, y que nunca lo recuperaremos.
And now he's gone and we'll never get him back.
Con la ayuda de los X-Men, ¡recuperaremos nuestro país!
With the help of the X-Men, we will take back our country!
Pero si no comenzamos ahora, nunca nos recuperaremos.
But if we don't start now, we'll never catch up.
Estoy seguro de que nos recuperaremos en el segundo trimestre.
I'm sure we'll rebound in the second quarter.
Vamos a salir ahí fuera y recuperaremos lo que es nuestro.
We're going out there and we're taking back what's ours.
Y si no actuamos con rapidez, jamás lo recuperaremos.
And if we don't act quickly, we'll never get him back.
Cuando esa perforadora se encienda, recuperaremos por fin nuestras vidas.
When that drill starts up, we'll finally get our lives back.
Bueno, esa fue una mañana que nunca recuperaremos.
Well, that's a morning we'll never get back.
Y lo que se nos ha quitado, lo recuperaremos.
And what was taken from us, we will take back.
No tiene caso, Harker, usted sabe que la recuperaremos.
This is pointless, Harker, you know we'll get her back.
Mi hermano y yo recuperaremos el norte por nuestra cuenta.
My brother and I will take back the North on our own.
Confie en mi, señor, recuperaremos la Casa para usted.
Trust me, sir, we'll get your house back for you.
Hacemos esto una puntuación fácil para ellos, no la recuperaremos.
We make this an easy score for them, we won't get her back.
Ella nunca me perdonará, y nunca nos recuperaremos.
She'll never forgive me, and we will never recover.
Alrededor de las 7:00pm. Nos recuperaremos de la caminata y cena.
Around 7:00p.m., we will recuperate from the trek and eat dinner.
Si todo sale bien, recuperaremos la pintura mañana.
All goes well, we'll recover the painting tomorrow.
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