Possible Results:
-you recovered
Imperfect subjunctiveconjugation ofrecuperar.
-you recovered
Imperfect subjunctivevosconjugation ofrecuperar.
-you will recover
Futureconjugation ofrecuperar.


No creí que te recuperaras tan rápido esta vez.
I didn't think you'd recover so fast, this time.
Por supuesto que quería que recuperaras tu martillo.
Of course I wanted you to retrieve your hammer.
Y me gustaría que lo recuperaras para mí. No.
And I would like you to retrieve it for me.
Se van a llevar todo tu...... equipo y no lo recuperaras.
They're gonna take all your equipment and you won't get it back.
Solo quería asegurarme de que recuperaras tu caja de música.
I just wanted to make sure you got your music box back.
Solo quería asegurarme de que recuperaras tu caja musical.
I just wanted to make sure you got your music box back.
Pero dio el visto bueno para que recuperaras tu matrícula.
But he cleared you to get your license back.
Si te lastimas tu mismo, no te recuperaras.
If you hurt yourself, you will not recover.
¡No te pedimos que recuperaras nuestro dinero!
We didn't ask you to get our money back!
Nunca lo pierdas, porque no lo recuperaras.
Don't ever lose it, because you never get it back.
Te trajimos aquí para que te recuperaras.
We brought you here so you could get better.
No iba a dacírtelo hasta que te recuperaras.
I wasn't gonna tell you till you got back on your feet.
Te recuperaras dentro de algunos días.
You'll be recovered in just a few days.
Como sea, me alegra que la recuperaras.
Anyway, I'm glad you got him back.
Tienes que descubrir de que se trata... o no lo recuperaras.
You need to figure out what it is or you're not getting it back.
Solo, quería que te recuperaras.
I just, I wanted you to get well.
No te preocupes... te recuperaras luego.
Don't worry...you'll be fine soon.
Me alegro de que te recuperaras.
I'm glad you got it back.
Por favor, quisiera recuperaras.
Please, I'd like to have them back.
He esperado a que te recuperaras.
I waited till you get well.
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