-we were laughing
The word reíamos is the imperfect form of reír in the first person plural.
See the full reír conjugation


Nos reíamos del error en la página tres.
We were laughing at the typo on page three.
Nos reíamos ya que lo comprobamos una y otra vez.
We laughed 'cause we checked it over and over.
Nos reíamos de la gente que hacía esto.
We laughed about people who did this.
Nos mirábamos, pero no nos reíamos de ti.
We looked at each other, but we weren't laughing at you.
¿Te acuerdas cómo nos reíamos la otra noche?
Remember how we laughed the other night?
Bailábamos y reíamos todo el tiempo.
We danced and laughed all the time.
Sentado en el columpio, donde unos momentos antes, nos reíamos y jugábamos.
Sitting on a swing where, moments ago, we were laughing and playing.
Nos reíamos de la mañana a la noche.
We laughed from morning to night.
Nos reíamos de las mujeres como tú.
We used to make fun of chicks like you.
Éramos jóvenes, nos reíamos de él.
We were young, we laughed at him.
Pero nos reíamos un montón cuando estábamos juntos.
But we had a load of fun together.
No, no nos reíamos de eso.
No, we weren't laughing at that.
Nos reíamos de tu corbata.
We were laughing at your tie.
Nos reíamos todo el tiempo.
We laughed all the time.
¡Con lo que nos reíamos contigo en el paso del ecuador en Roma!
And we had such a lauh on the trip to Rome!
Antes nos reíamos de este tipo.
We used to laugh at this guy.
Nos reíamos durante todo el camino de todo.
We just laughed our way through everything.
Nos reíamos durante todo el camino de todo.
We just laughed our way through everything.
Además, nos reíamos mucho juntos.
Oh, we laughed a lot together.
Sabes que era de la etiqueta de la que nos reíamos, ¿verdad?
You do know it was your label we were laughing at, don't you?
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