Presentellos/ellas/ustedesconjugation ofpillar.


Bobby, si nos pillan vamos directamente a la cárcel.
Bobby, if we get caught we go straight to jail.
Si te pillan 3 veces, el juego ha terminado.
If you are caught 3 times, the game is over.
Pero si nos pillan, los dos perderemos nuestros trabajos.
But if we get caught, we both lose our jobs.
Si te pillan allí con la cámara, no saldrás vivo.
If you get caught there with the camera, not come out alive.
Si te pillan, no puedes ser acusado de ningún delito.
If you are caught, you cannot be charged with any crime.
Sin embargo, si te pillan las sanciones son severas.
However, if you are caught the penalties are severe.
Pero tienes que asegurarte de que les pillan copiando.
But... you have to make sure they get caught cheating.
¿Sabes lo que te puede pasar si nos pillan?
Do you know what'll happen if we get caught?
¿Sabes qué hacer si te pillan, verdad?
You know what to do if you get caught, right?
Si me pillan, me reuniré con Emily en Shanghai.
If they get me, I'll be meeting Emily in Shanghai.
Aquí si te pillan son 14 años, esto no es España.
If they caught you here it's 14 years, this is not Spain.
¡Ahora, si nos pillan, estamos en graves problemas!
Now, if we get caught, we are in serious trouble!
Además, si nos pillan, a ti no te echarán.
Besides, if we get caught, they won't throw you out.
Es más, para muchos solo hay delito si te pillan.
It's more, for many there is only an offense if you are caught.
Pero, Scott, si te pillan, no puedo ayudarte.
But, Scott, if you get caught, I can't help you.
Si te pillan, podrías ir a prisión.
If you get caught, you could go to jail.
Y si pillan a sí mismo haciendo el problema, solucionarlo.
And if you caught yourself doing it, fix it.
Si te pillan aquí, no será bueno para Jimmy.
If they caught you staying here, it wouldn't be good for Jimmy.
¿Sabes lo que te van a hacer si te pillan?
Do you know what they'll do to you if you're caught?
Si me pillan intentando que la expulsen, se acabó.
If I get caught trying to get her expelled, it's over.
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