-you thought
Preteritevosotrosconjugation ofpensar.


¿Realmente pensasteis que no ibais a tener que reescribir nada?
Did you really think you weren't gonna have to rewrite anything?
De ellos, lo entiendo, pero ¿Como no pensasteis en eso?
Them, I understand, but how did you not think of that?
¿No pensasteis que era raro que simplemente desapareciera un día?
Didn't you think it was odd that he just disappeared one day?
No puede haber sido fácil, ¿qué pensasteis para soportarlo?
It can't have been easy. What did you think to endure it?
¿Qué pensasteis cuando te pidieron que participaras en este proyecto?
What did you think when you were asked to participate in this project?
¿Por qué pensasteis que el compacto necesitaba estas pistas?
Why did you think the album needed these songs?
¿Pero no pensasteis que alguien necesitaba que le llevaran al hospital?
But didn't think someone needs a ride to the hospital?
¿Estáis cansadas de un modo que jamás pensasteis que era posible?
Are you exhausted in a way you never thought possible?
Habrá un reconocimiento de que la vida no es lo que pensasteis.
There will be an acknowledgment that life is not what you thought.
¿Y nunca pensasteis mirar la parte de atrás?
And you never thought to look in the back?
¿Por qué pensasteis que era el momento de trabajar con un productor externo?
Why did you think it was time to work with an external producer?
¿De verdad pensasteis que este mi conjunto?
Did you guys really think this was my outfit?
¿Y no pensasteis que era raro?
And you didn't think that was weird?
Vos jamás pensasteis encontraros en una posición como la vuestra.
You never thought you'd find yourself in your position.
¿No pensasteis esto de antemano?
You didn't think about any of this beforehand?
¿No pensasteis en los G-12?
Don't you think they should be G-12s?
¿De verdad pensasteis que esto funcionaría?
Did you really think that would work?
Nunca pensasteis en eso, ¿no?
You never thought of that, did you?
¿Realmente pensasteis que podríais mantenerlo en secreto?
Did you really think that you could keep this a secret from me?
¿Y por qué pensasteis eso?
And why did you think that, pray?
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