-they will fight
The word pelearán is the future form of pelear in the third person plural.
See the full pelear conjugation


Yo creo que ellos pelearán por la oportunidad de entrevistarte.
I think they'll fight for the chance to book you.
¿Creen que pelearán contra ellos con una canción?
You think you can fight them with a song?
Se supone que pelearán en el gimnasio.
They're supposed to finish it in the gym.
Pero conozco a mi pueblo y sé que pelearán.
But I know my people. And I know they will fight.
Si lo hacen, no pelearán como quien hiere el aire.
If they do this, they will not fight as one that beateth the air.
Pero si estás en mi banda, la única cosa con la que pelearán
But if you're on my gang, the only thing you'll be fighting
¿Crees que pelearán con nosotros?
Do you think they will fight with us?
Algunos de ustedes piensan que no pelearán.
Some of you are thinking you won't fight.
Si mi padre viene, Solo se pelearán entre ellos.
If my dad comes, they'll just get on each other's nerves.
Todos los hombres se pelearán por ella.
Every man on this ship will be fighting over her.
Decenas de millones pelearán por su derecho de permanecer libres y no ser vacunados.
Tens of millions will fight for their right to remain free and unvaccinated.
Sí, es cierto, los intereses comerciales siempre pelearán contra los espacios públicos.
You know, it's true, commercial interests will always battle against public space.
Si no, te pelearán por todo.
Otherwise, they're going to fight you on everything.
Lo siguiente, pelearán por nuestros ataúdes.
Next thing, they're fighting over our caskets.
No pelearán con nosotros.
They will not fight with us.
Tampoco pelearán por su país.
They won't fight for their country either.
¿No quieren mirar por qué pelearán?
Don't you want to take a look at what you're gonna fight?
¡Los hombres pelearán, no tú!
We got men to do the fighting, not you!
Algunos de ustedes piensan que no pelearán. Otros, que no pueden.
Some of you are thinking you won't fight... some that you can't fight.
Cada vez será menos y menos... hasta que al final ya no pelearán.
Every time it'll be less and less... until in the end they won't fight at all.
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