-I fought
The word peleé is the preterite form of pelear in the first person singular.
See the full pelear conjugation


Como muchos de ustedes, yo peleé en la guerra.
Like many of you here, I fought in the war.
Y en vez de apoyarla, me peleé con ella.
And instead of supporting her, I fought with her.
Esa es la única razón por la que peleé esto.
That's the only reason I fought this thing.
Me peleé con tres tipos en la universidad una vez.
I took on three guys in college once.
Me peleé con uno de mis mejores amigos.
I had a fight with one of my best mates.
Vino la guerra civil y peleé por el norte.
Civil war came and I fought for the North.
Vamos a ir al barbero con quien me peleé.
We'll go to the barber I had a fight with.
Como la vez que me peleé con ese mimo.
Like the time that I got in a fight with that mime.
¿Quieres saber por qué me peleé con Peter?
You care to know why I broke up with Peter?
Ya que no peleé, no reclamo nada de valor.
Since I did not fight, I claim nothing of value.
Bueno, sí. Me peleé con mi novio.
Well, yes, I had a fight with my boyfriend.
¿Les dijiste que me peleé con Jim?
Did you tell them I had a scrap with Jim?
Y le gusta que su comida peleé un poco.
And he likes when his food has some fight in it.
Yo... me peleé con Angela, eso es todo.
I had a fight with Angela, that's all.
No, si me peleé, pero fue solo para seguir vivo.
No, I got in a fight, but it was only to stay alive.
Ya sabes... Cuando me peleé en el casino.
You know... when I was fighting over that game room.
Nunca peleé con nadie como peleaba con ella.
I never fought with anyone like I fought with her.
Es que peleé con mi mejor amiga.
I got into a fight with my best friend.
No necesito que ni tú ni nadie peleé mis batallas.
I don't need you or anyone else fighting my battles for me.
Yo peleé por eso en tu contrato.
I mean, I fought for that in your contract.
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