Possible Results:
-you will hit
Futureconjugation ofpegar.
-you will hit
Futurevosconjugation ofpegar.
-you hit
Imperfect subjunctiveconjugation ofpegar.


¿Te pegarás a mí como un plátano doble?
Will you stick to me like a twin banana?
Si me has estado traicionando, pegarás por ello..
If you've been double-crossing me, you'll pay for it.
¿Si te hago una pregunta, me pegarás?
If I ask you a question, will you hit me?
Te pegarás en la cárcel mucho tiempo.
You'll be going to prison for a very long time.
Nunca me pegarás con esa cosa.
You'll never hit me with that thing.
Si digo que no, ¿me pegarás?
If I say no, are you gonna hurt me?
¿No me pegarás o no me lo prometes?
You won't hit me or you won't promise me?
¿Significa esto que no me pegarás más?
So, does that mean you're not going to hit me anymore?
¿Le pegarás a tu mejor amigo, Tyler?
What are you gonna do, Tyler? You're gonna hit your best friend?
Nunca me pegarás con esa cosa.
You'll never hit me with that.
¿Y no pegarás como yo?
And you won't hit like me?
Si te suelto, me pegarás.
If I let go, you'll hit me.
¿Qué harás, me pegarás?
Where is he? What are you gonna do, hit me?
O si no qué, ¿me pegarás?
Or what, you'll hit me?
¿Me pegarás con ese pez?
Hit me with that fish?
Por ese lado, tu ves esto es donde se supone que pegarás tu bandeja.
Over on the side, you see this is where you're supposed to stick your tray.
No, no me pegarás.
No, you're not going to hit me.
¡Me pegarás si te suelto!
You'll hit me if I let go!
Ya me pegarás más tarde.
You can hit me later.
No me pegarás, ¿verdad?
You won't whip me, will you?
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