-they hit
The word pegan is the present form of pegar in the third person plural.
See the full pegar conjugation


Los monjes nos pegan todo el tiempo, pero no sabemos.
The monks beats us all the time, but we don't know.
De un niño al que le pegan en el patio.
Of a child who gets beat up on the playground.
Tenemos que pegan alrededor para ver si él se va.
We gotta stick around to see if he leaves.
Ese es el nombre del niño al que le pegan
That's the name of a child who gets beat up
Les pegan juntos y pegan la araña en el web.
Stick them together and stick the spider to the web.
Ser un superhéroe y tener una novia, no pegan.
Being a super hero and having a girlfriend, they don't mix.
Cada vez que dices "Pero, um..." pegan un trago.
Every time you say "But, um..."" They do a shot.
Los datos se pegan de la misma forma.
The data is pasted in the same way.
No les gusta la apariencia del niño, así que le pegan.
They don't like the looks ofthe child, so they beat it.
Cuando las luces te pegan, no sientes nada.
When the light hits you, you don't feel anything.
Ellos pegan a la gente porque son débiles.
They beat on people because they are weak.
Es tan sensible que los otros le pegan.
He's so sensitive that the others pick on him.
No le pegan a la gente con bates de béisbol.
They don't beat people with baseball bats.
¿Me pegan y de repente es hora de tirar la toalla?
I get hit, and suddenly it's time to throw in the towel?
Sería muy triste ver que a su padre le pegan un tiro.
Be really sad to see their daddy catch a bullet.
La gente se pegan a la página de deportes.
People are glued to the sports page.
A veces, dos buenas personas no pegan juntas.
Look, sometimes, two perfectly good people just don't fit together.
¿Por qué no se pegan una ducha y se cambian?
Why don't you guys get showered and dressed?
¿Cómo que le pegan en el cobertizo?
What do you mean stick him in the shed?
Al día siguiente le pegan cuando está solo, lo arrinconan.
The next day they got him on his own, cornered him.
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