The word pegaban is the imperfect form of pegar in the third person plural.
See the full pegar conjugation


Como los tipos que me pegaban en el instituto.
Like the guys who beat me up in high school.
Los hombres le pegaban, o hacían lo que querían.
The men, they hit her, or do what they want.
Cuando los chicos te pegaban, ¿quién te cuidaba?
When guys hit on you, who took care of you?
Cuando era niño, me pegaban cada día.
When I was a boy, I was beaten every day.
Me pegaban en la mano con una regla.
They would whack my hands with a ruler.
Hay una razón por la cual nos pegaban en K'un-Lun.
See, there's a reason why, Joy, they beat us in K'un-Lun.
¿Te pegaban mucho en los recreos?
Did you get beat up on the playground a lot?
Cam, cuando yo era una niña, me pegaban con una rama.
Cam, when I was a little girl, I got hit with a switch.
Y decías, "Por favor, señor", y te pegaban.
If you said, "Please sir", they would lash out.
Me pegaban con la regla, me daban bofetadas.
They would hit me with a ruler, slap me in the face.
Sí, amo, porque me pegaban mucho.
Yes, master, 'cause he beat me bad.
¿Por qué se pegaban tus padres?
Why do your parents hit each other?
A veces los hombres le pegaban a ella.
Sometimes the men beat her.
Y cortaban las pequeñas piezas de cartón ahí, y las pegaban.
So they're cutting out the little pieces of cardboard here and pasting them up.
Sus cabezas pegaban con el techo, entonces tenían que ir caminando.
They hit their heads on the ceiling, so they had to walk on all fours.
Si lo hablaba, me pegaban.
If I spoke my language, they would beat me.
Los que le pegaban a la máquina La otra noche, la semana pasada.
The one's that were bothering with the machine the other night last week.
Si no lo hacía, me pegaban.
If I didn't, I was beaten.
En K'un-Lun nos pegaban por un motivo.
See, there's a reason why, Joy, they beat us in K'un-Lun.
Días o semanas. Si a él le pegaban, era regularmente, menos éste.
If he was getting beaten up, it was regularly, except for this one.
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