Possible Results:
-you would hate
Conditionalconjugation ofodiar.
-you would hate
Conditionalvosconjugation ofodiar.


Pero al final me odiarías, y no puedo vivir con eso.
But you'd eventually resent me, and I can't live with that.
En seis meses me odiarías o tendrías que hacerlo.
In six months you'd hate me, or have to.
Sí, de lo contrario nunca tendrías ningún hijo y me odiarías.
Yes, otherwise you'd never have any children and you'd hate me.
Probablemente odiarías todo lo que he hecho este verano.
You'd probably hate everything I've been doing this summer.
Probablemente odiarías todo lo que he hecho este verano.
You'd probably hate everything... I've been doing this summer.
Y para ahora, pensabas que ya odiarías este trabajo.
And all this time, you thought you would hate this job.
Sabía que me odiarías y no podía soportarlo.
I knew you would hate me. I couldn't bear that.
Si decía la verdad me odiarías.
If I say it was the truth you'll hate me.
Cariño, ¿seguro que no lo odiarías?
Darling, are you sure you wouldn't hate it?
¿Me odiarías si acepto ese trabajo?
Would you hate me if I took the job?
Me odiarías y no volverías a hablarme nunca.
You'd hate me, you'd never speak to me again.
¿Me odiarías si lo hiciéramos mañana en la noche?
Oh, would you just hate me if we did this tomorrow night instead?
Sabía que lo odiarías, y es por eso que no tienes que ir.
I knew you'd hate it, and that's why you don't have to go.
Si tú me quisieras, lo odiarías.
If you loved me, you'd hate him.
No sabes nada de ella y si lo supieras, también la odiarías.
You don't know anything about her and if you did, you'd hate her, too.
Sé que odiarías perderte esto.
I know you'd hate to miss this.
¿Me odiarías si no voy?
Would you hate me if I didn't go?
Si me conocieras de verdad, me odiarías aún más.
If you really knew me, you'd despise me even more than you do.
Pensé que odiarías el campo.
I thought you would hate the countryside more.
En tal caso, te odiarías y te negarías a ti mismo.
Thereby, you would despise and deny yourself.
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