Possible Results:
-I will hate
Futureyoconjugation ofodiar.
Future subjunctiveyoconjugation ofodiar.
Future subjunctiveél/ella/ustedconjugation ofodiar.


Tal vez no odiaré a mis nietos después de todo.
Maybe I won't hate my grandchildren after all.
Pero, yo... no te odiaré solo por eso.
But, I... I wouldn't hate you just because of that.
Si me dejas ayudarte yo te odiaré por ello.
If you let me help you, I will hate you for it.
Siempre los odiaré por lo que hicieron.
I shall always hate them for what they did.
Si quieres que la odie, la odiaré
If you want me to hate her, I will
O me odiaré el resto de mi vida.
Promise me. I shall hate myself for the rest of my life.
Oh, no te veas así o me odiaré para siempre!
Oh, don't look like that or I shall hate myself forever!
Sé que por la mañana me odiaré por esto.
I know I'm going to hate myself for this in the morning.
Si lo aman, yo lo odiaré y se acabará.
They love him, so he becomes odious to me, and it's over.
¡Alberto, si se lo dejas hacer, te odiaré!
I'll hate you if you let him do it!
Me odiaré a mí mismo por preguntar.
I'm gonna hate myself for asking.
Me odiaré más de lo normal.
I'm gonna hate myself more than normally.
Quédate y no te odiaré.
Stay and I won't hate you.
A partir de ahora... siempre les odiaré.
I'll find it ever harder to love them... from now on.
Y si yo tengo razón, me odiaré a mí mismo porque no confié en ella.
And if I'm right, I'll hate myself 'cause I didn't trust her.
Como exista alguien que me haga olvidarte, odiaré a esa persona.
If there is a person who can make me forget you, I shall hate that person.
Aunque tú no sientas lo mismo por ella, no te odiaré.
Even if your heart is different from my sister's, I won't hate you.
Le odiaré mientras viva.
I'll hate him for as long as I live.
¡Siempre te odiaré mientras viva!
I'll hate you as long as I live!
Creo que te odiaré.
I think I'm gonna just hate you.
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