Possible Results:
-you will hate
Futureconjugation ofodiar.
-you will hate
Futurevosconjugation ofodiar.
-you hated
Imperfect subjunctiveconjugation ofodiar.


Si digo que eso era la verdad me odiarás.
If I say it was the truth you'll hate me.
Bueno, al menos no me odiarás por eso.
Yeah, well, at least you wouldn't hate me for it.
¿Por qué la odiarás todo el tiempo?
Why you gotta be hating on her all the time?
Se que probablemente me odiarás, pero tenemos que terminar esto.
I know you will probably hate me, but we need to end this.
Probablemente me odiarás por ello, pero debo decírtelo de todas formas.
You'll probably hate me for this, but I gotta tell you anyhow.
Tal vez en una semana, lo odiarás.
Maybe in a week, you'II hate him.
Sé que probablemente me odiarás pero nunca creerás lo que sucede.
I know you're probably gonna hate me, but you'll never believe what happens.
Necesito saber si me odiarás siempre.
I need to know if you still hate me.
Porque quería que la odiarás.
Because she wanted you to hate her.
¿Prometes que no me odiarás?
Do you promise not to hate me?
Te odiarás por la mañana.
You'll hate yourself in the morning.
Si lo consigo, creo que me odiarás.
If I succeed, you will hate me, I think.
Te odiarás a ti misma por eso cuando lo veas en su esplendor.
You're gonna hate yourself for that when you see it in the right light.
¿Recuerda cuando me dijo: "Algún día odiarás tu voz"?
Do you remember when you told me one day I'd hate my voice?
Te odiarás si no lo haces.
You'll hate yourself if you don't.
Si te lo digo me odiarás.
If I tell you, you'll hate me.
Sí, pero esto lo odiarás.
Good, but this you hatey.
Ella quería que la odiarás tanto Que debía estremecerte hasta su nombre.
She wanted you to hate her so much that you would cringe at her name.
Sé que odiarás eso.
I know you'll hate that.
Probablemente me odiarás la mayor parte del tiempo. ¿Usted cree?
You will probably hate me a great deal of the time.
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