-they will hate
The word odiarán is the future form of odiar in the third person plural.
See the full odiar conjugation


Entiendan que hay algunas personas que les odiarán.
Understand that there are some people who will hate you.
Pero creo que ustedes dos odiarán más que yo este matrimonio.
But I think you two will hate this marriage more than me.
Ustedes odiarán a uno y amarán al otro.
You will hate one and love the other.
Tengo una gran idea que todos ustedes odiarán.
I've got a great idea you're all gonna hate.
Si perdemos, todos me odiarán No, no lo harán.
If we lose, everyone will hate me. No, they won't.
Mis padres me odiarán, nunca volverán a hablarme.
My parents would hate me, they'd never speak to me again.
Te odiarán cuando sepan lo que eres.
They will hate you once they know what you are.
Uno, dos, tres: Los que odian te odiarán.
One, two, three: Haters gonna hate.
Por favor, piensa en algo o todos mis amigos me odiarán.
Well, please come up with something or all my friends are gonna hate me.
Porque si lo digo, me odiarán.
Because if I tell, they'll all hate me.
¿Me prometen que no me odiarán?
Do you promise that you don't hate me?
Todos mis amigos la odiarán.
All my friends are gonna hate it.
Y me odiarán más cuando se enteren.
They'll really hate me when they find out.
Mientras seas diferente, te odiarán sin razón.
As long as you are different, they will hate you for no reason.
Así que si no lo hago, quizás no me odiarán tanto.
So maybe if I just don't do it, they won't hate me so much.
Mis padres me odiarán.
My parents are gonna hate me.
Algunos de tus fans te odiarán por esto. ¿Qué?
Some of your fans will hate you for this.
No importa, la odiarán de todas formas.
Come on. It doesn't matter. They'll hate it anyway.
La mitad de los hombres me odiarán en el momento en que dé la orden.
Half the men will hate me the moment I give the order.
Donna, no, nos odiarán.
Donna, no, they'll hate us.
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