Possible Results:
-I obsessed
Preteriteyoconjugation ofobsesionar.
-I obsess
Subjunctiveyoconjugation ofobsesionar.
Subjunctiveél/ella/ustedconjugation ofobsesionar.


Allí rápidamente me obsesioné con la ciencia de la electricidad.
Here I quickly became obsessed with the science of electricity.
No me obsesioné ni impacienté: tenía un día tranquilo.
I wasn't obsessed or impatient: it was a tranquil day.
Me obsesioné durante el día y la noche mercados.
I obsessed over the markets day and night.
De todos modos, Me obsesioné con las alas de Buffalo.
Anyway, I became obsessed with Buffalo wings.
Pero me obsesioné con Instagram y eso me arruinó la vida.
Until I became obsessed with Instagram and it ruined my life.
Y me obsesioné Con la música.
And i became obsessed With music.
Me obsesioné con esta pregunta.
I became obsessed with this question.
Me obsesioné con este caso.
I became obsessed with this case.
En el último año de la escuela, me obsesioné con el arte.
Senior year, I was obsessed with art.
Y allí fue que me obsesioné realmente con las cuestiones del polo.
And that's where I became truly obsessed with this polar realm.
Me obsesioné con este caso.
I became obsessed with this case.
Siempre me pregunté si Sully era real, así que me obsesioné con el folclore.
I always wondered if Sully was real, so I got obsessed with folklore.
No sé por qué me obsesioné tanto.
I don't know why I became so obsessed.
Me obsesioné un poco, lo admito.
I became a little obsessed, I admit.
Me obsesioné con los hombres pequeños.
I just got obsessed by little men.
Y me obsesioné con las muchas mujeres que veía en la calle.
And I started obsessing about the various women I would see on the street.
Me obsesioné con él.
I became obsessed with him.
Supongo que por eso me obsesioné.
I guess that's why I'm fixated.
¡Me obsesioné con Pinterest!
I became obsessed with Pinterest!
Pero entonces empezó a jugar el partido más asombroso, y me obsesioné tanto.
But then he started playing the most amazing game, and I got so wrapped up in it.
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