-you obey
The word obedeces is the present form of obedecer in the second person singular.
See the full obedecer conjugation


Si no obedeces, puedes poner en peligro a tu familia.
If you don't obey, you could jeopardize your family.
Te dice, si obedeces al hombre, puedes evitar el peligro.
It says, if you obey the man, you can avoid danger.
Ten miedo de lo que haré si no me obedeces.
Be afraid of what I'll do if you don't obey me.
Sabes lo que Zoom hará si no lo obedeces.
You know what Zoom will do if you don't obey him.
Si no me obedeces, haz lo que quieras.
If you don't obey me, do what you want.
Quebrantas la ley, pero obedeces las reglas.
You break the law, but you obey the rules.
Si no obedeces las reglas, eres culpable.
If you don't obey the rules, you're guilty.
Si obedeces las reglas, continuarás siendo amada.
If you obey the rules, you will continue to be loved.
Lo curioso de ser soldado es que obedeces órdenes.
Funny thing about being a soldier, you obey orders.
Solo puedes venir conmigo si obedeces mis órdenes en todo momento.
You can only come with me if you obey my orders at all times.
¿Por qué no dejas de pensar y obedeces a tu corazón?
Why can't you just stop thinking about it and follow your heart?
Si no obedeces mis órdenes no podemos respaldarte.
If you don't follow my orders we can't watch your back.
Yo doy las órdenes aquí, y tú las obedeces.
I give the orders here, and you follow.
Pero si no obedeces, nos castigarán a todos.
But if you don't obey, then all the housemates get punished.
Todo saldrá bien si nos obedeces.
Everything will be all right if you obey us.
Yo solo puedo ayudar si me obedeces.
I can only help you if you obey me.
¡Si alguien te da una orden, obedeces!
If someone gives you an order, you do it!
Si no me obedeces, te lo haré de verdad.
If you don't obey me I'll really hurt you.
Mira, yo me obedezco, y tú... me obedeces a mí.
Look, I obey me, and you obey... me.
Haz lo que te digo, si no me obedeces, tendremos problemas.
Do as I say, if I obey, we will have problems.
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