La pregunta es, ¿cómo nos ganamos su confianza?
The question is, how do we earn his trust?
Creo que nos ganamos un punto, ¿verdad?
Guess that sort of goes in the win column, right?
Todos nos ganamos la vida, ¿no?
We are all making a living, aren't we?
Sí, ¿qué nos ganamos?
Yeah, what do we win?
No nos ganamos .
We didn't earn it.
Aún no nos ganamos su confianza, y les encantará, y pronto.
We just haven't earned their trust yet. We will. They're going to love it, and soon.
Cariño, no nos ganamos la lotería, solo pagamos dinero que en primer lugar no teníamos.
Honey, we didn't win the lotto, we just paid off money we didn't have in the first place.
Nos ganamos la lotería aquí.
We won the lottery here.
Nos ganamos la vida con ella.
We make the living with it.
Nos ganamos un descanso.
We earned a break.
Nos ganamos la lotería.
We won the lottery here.
Nos ganamos el dinero.
We earn this money.
Nos ganamos un descanso.
I think we've earned a break.
Nos ganamos la vida.
We make a living.
¿Qué cree? ¡Nos ganamos el contrato!
Guess what? We won the contract!
¿Qué puede ser terrible si nos ganamos la lotería?
What could be terrible when we won the sweepstakes?
La manera en que nos ganamos la vida es también de importancia.
The way we earn a living is also of importance.
Tu abuelo y yo nos ganamos una fortuna con esos.
Your Grandpa and I made a fortune off of them.
Creo que nos ganamos un trago, ¿no cree?
I think we've earned ourselves a drink, don't you?
¿Cómo nos ganamos la libertad de descubrirlo?
How can we gain the freedom to discover them?
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