-I killed
The word matara is the imperfect subjunctive form of matar in the first person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
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No puedo creer que Max matara a Shecky.
I can't believe Max would do that to Shecky.
Si te matara, mi hermana sería una viuda.
If we shed your blood... my sister will become a widow.
No, sería extremadamente difícil que se matara él mismo.
No, it would be extremely awkward for him to execute it himself.
Estuvo cerca de que no lo matara una bala.
He came real close to not being hit by a bullet.
Quería que lo matara, pero no lo hice.
He wanted me to finish him off, but I wouldn't.
Michael, tuve que convencer a mi hermana de que no te matara, ¿sí?
Michael, I had to convince my sister to spare you, okay?
El General Bethlehem dijo que lo matara de rodillas.
General Bethlehem said you should be on your knees when I do this.
¿Os he hablado del tipo que quería que matara a su mujer?
I ever tell you about the guy wanted me to whack his wife?
¿No te dije que podría hacer que tu hijo matara al dragón?
Did I not tell you that I could have your son slay the dragon?
Dejé que matara a mi esposa.
I let him slaughter my wife.
Lo engañé para que matara a Chico.
I set him up to take out Chico.
Le dije que lo matara.
I told him to finish it.
Esperando que matara a alguno... si no a todos ustedes.
In the hopes that I would pop one of you... if not all of you.
Y luego le pagué a un tipo para que alguien me matara.
I paid a guy to hire a guy to get rid of me.
Dice que un día Io pondra en el agua potable y nos matara.
Says someday he's going to put it in the water supply, do us all in.
Después de todo, que mi mascota te matara, reunió a la familia.
After all, losing your life to my little pet is what finally brought us together as family.
¿Esperabas que te matara?
Did you think I was gonna hurt you?
Dije "que se callara" no "que se matara".
I didn't say, "ended his life." l said, "ended his career."
No crees que la matara.
No, of course he didn't.
Esperaba que alguien me matara ahí adentro, no que me pagaran cuando saliera.
I guess I was expecting someone to clip me in there, not pay me when I came out.
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