-we will hurt
The word lastimaremos is the future form of lastimar in the first person plural.
See the full lastimar conjugation


Solo dame mi dinero y no te lastimaremos.
Give me my money and we're not gonna hurt you.
Solo te lastimaremos un poco, o mucho.
We're just gonna hurt you a little, or a lot.
Solo te lastimaremos un poco, o mucho.
We're just gonna hurt you a little, or a lot.
Se dispersarán y lastimaremos a uno de ellos.
They'll fan out, and we'll injure one of them.
No los lastimaremos si haces lo que te decimos.
They will not be harmed if you do as we say.
Salgan con las manos en alto y no los lastimaremos.
Come out with your hands and not to harm you
No lastimaremos a nadie, pero necesitamos entrar.
We won't harm anyone, but we need in.
Nina, nos lastimaremos entre nosotros, No iré a casa ahora.
Nina, we'll hurt each other, I'm not going.
Si no se resisten, no los lastimaremos.
If you do not resist, we will not hurt you.
¡Sí! ¡Danos las tarjetas de crédito, y no te lastimaremos!
Give us your credit cards and you won't get hurt!
Solo podemos garantizar que no les lastimaremos. Si.
We can only guarantee we won't hurt them.
Haz una escena y la lastimaremos.
Make a scene, and we hurt her.
No lastimaremos a tu hija.
We're not here to hurt your daughter.
Dígales que no los lastimaremos si se comportan como debe ser.
Tell them we're not going to hurt them, if they can behave themselves.
Y no lastimaremos a su hija.
And your daughter won't be hurt.
No te lastimaremos, te lo prometo.
We're not going to hurt you, I promise.
Avik, no te lastimaremos.
Avik, we're not going to hurt you .
Hazte a un lado, niño, y no te lastimaremos. No.
Come here son, and you will not hurt.
Te prometo que no te lastimaremos.
I promise we won't hurt you.
No te lastimaremos, ¿de acuerdo?
We're not gonna hurt you, okay?
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