-they would hurt
The word lastimarían is the conditional form of lastimar in the third person plural.
See the full lastimar conjugation


¿Crees que lastimarían a mis padres por nosotros?
Do you think they would hurt my parents because of us?
Estoy segura de que respetarían mi vocación... y no me lastimarían.
I'm sure they would respect my vocation... and do me no harm.
Me dio su palabra que no me lastimarían.
You gave me your word I would not be harmed.
¿Tu tío pensó que lastimarían a las personas?
Your uncle thought they would hurt people?
Dijeron que me lastimarían si lo hacía.
They said they were gonna hurt me if I did.
Pero ellos realmente no me lastimarían, ¿verdad?
But they wouldn't actually hurt me though, right?
Dijiste que no lo lastimarían, que nos ayudarías.
You said you wouldn't let him get hurt, that you'd help us.
Yo sabía que lastimarían a mi niña.
I knew they'd hurt my little girl.
Pero me prometieron que no los lastimarían.
But they promised me they wouldn't hurt you.
Dijiste que estabas en problemas, que te lastimarían.
You said you were in trouble and they were gonna hurt you.
Pensé que las cenizas lastimarían al bebé.
I think this ash will hurt the baby.
Debe de haber un error, mis amigos nunca lastimarían a nadie.
No, there must be some kind of mistake. My friends would never hurt anyone.
-¡Dijeron que no lastimarían a nadie!
They said they wouldn't hurt anyone!
No lastimarían una mosca.
They wouldn't hurt a fly.
No sabía que lastimarían a alguien.
I didn't know anyone would get hurt.
¡Dijiste que no la lastimarían!
You said you wouldn't hurt her!
Dijeron que no la lastimarían.
They told me they wouldn't harm her.
Jamás lastimarían a nadie.
They would never hurt anyone.
Sabía que se lastimarían.
I knew someone would get hurt. Look at this.
No nos lastimarían ¿cierto?
You wouldn't hurt us, now would you?
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