-I will hurt
The word lastimaré is the future form of lastimar in the first person singular.
See the full lastimar conjugation


No arruines mi tiempo con Stefan, porque te lastimaré.
Don't ruin my time with Stefan. Because I'll hurt you.
Solo dime quien lo compró y no te lastimaré.
Tell me who bought it and you won't get hurt.
Y te lastimaré cada día para que no te olvides.
And I'm gonna hurt you every day so you don't forget.
Déjame tener a mi hijo y no te lastimaré.
Let me have my young and I won't hurt you.
Michael está en el auto y lo lastimaré.
Michael's in the car and I will hurt him.
Dice, "Haz lo que digo y no te lastimaré."
He says, "Do what I say and you won't get hurt."
Solo dime dónde está, Frankie, y no te lastimaré.
Just tell me where it is, Frankie, and I won't hurt you.
Dime la verdad y no te lastimaré.
Tell me the truth and I won't hurt you.
Si no me lo dices, lastimaré a la gente.
If you will not tell me, I will hurt people.
Si no se mueven, no lastimaré a nadie.
If you don't move, then no one will get hurt.
Te doy mi palabra, no lastimaré a nadie.
I give you my word, I won't hurt anyone.
Y luego iré por tus amigos... y los lastimaré.
Then I'm going to collect your friends and hurt them.
Haz lo que digo y no te lastimaré.
Do what I say and I won't hurt you.
No te lastimaré ni nada de eso.
I'm not going to hurt you or anything like that.
A menos que hagas exactamente lo que digo lastimaré a Josh.
Unless you do exactly what I say... I will hurt Josh.
Si no peleas conmigo, no te lastimaré.
If you don't fight with me, I will not hurt you.
Si hace lo que le digo, no la lastimaré.
If you do as I say I won't hurt you.
Haga lo que digo y no lo lastimaré. Está bien.
You do what I say, you're not gonna get hurt.
No los lastimaré si vienes conmigo.
I won't hurt them if you come with me.
Dime, o te juro que te lastimaré.
Tell me, or I swear I will hurt you.
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