-they will hurt
The word lastimarán is the future form of lastimar in the third person plural.
See the full lastimar conjugation


Si no encuentras a Jessi, ellos lastimarán a mi familia.
If you don't find Jessi, they'll hurt my family.
Haz lo que quieran, por favor, o lastimarán a Aaron.
Do whatever they want, please, or they're gonna hurt Aaron.
Ellos no lastimarán a nadie si me dejas ir.
They won't harm anyone, if you let me go.
Si estoy de acuerdo en volver ¿No lo lastimarán?
If I agree to go back, he won't be harmed?
Ellos no te lastimarán, porque no puedes ver.
They will not harm you, because you cannot see.
Tienes que dejar esto atrás, así no te lastimarán más.
You have to make this go away, so they won't hurt you anymore.
Si descubren lo que somos, siempre nos lastimarán.
If they find out what we are, they will always hurt us.
Si los klingon descubren que nos ayudaste, te lastimarán.
If the Klingons discover you've helped us, they will hurt you.
No te lastimarán mientras estés con nosotros.
They won't hurt you while you're with us.
Quédate en la cabina, no te lastimarán.
Stay in the cockpit. they won't hurt you.
Dicen que no me lastimarán si haces lo que ellos dicen.
They say they won't hurt me if you do what they say.
Hazlo en las próximas 48 horas y no me lastimarán.
Do this within the next 48 hours, and no harm will come to me.
Pero ya no te lastimarán, ¿de acuerdo?
But you're not going to be hurt anymore, okay?
O si te lastimarán, o si son el indicado.
Or if they're gonna hurt you, or if they really are the one.
Si no sigue haciendo lo que le pidan, me lastimarán a mí.
If he doesn't keep on doing what they tell him, they'll hurt me.
¡no temas, las arañas no te lastimarán!
Don't worry, the spiders won't hurt you!
No me lastimarán, saben lo que haría papá.
They wouldn't hurt me. They know my father.
Solo haz lo que te digan, y no te lastimarán.
Just do what they say and they won't hurt you!
¿Están seguros de que lo lastimarán?
Are you sure you're gonna be able to hurt him?
¿Cuántos niños se lastimarán hasta que se solucione?
How many children could be hurt between now and then?
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