-they hurt
The word lastiman is the present form of lastimar in the third person plural.
See the full lastimar conjugation


Mientras tanto, ¿alguno de sus amigos se lastiman?
In the meantime, did any of your friends get hurt?
Aún si se lastiman, se quedarán con el bebé.
Even if it hurts itself, it'll stay with the baby.
¿Sus sentimientos se lastiman, por lo que te enviaron?
Did their feelings get hurt, so they sent you?
No decimos cosas que lastiman la gente y hacen llorar.
We don't say things that hurt people's feelings and make them cry.
De una habitación oscura en algún lugar donde lastiman a las personas.
From a dark room somewhere where they hurt people badly.
Pero si te lastiman por algo que hice.
But if you got hurt for something I did...
Creo en ellos, pero cada día, lastiman.
I believe in them, but every day, they hurt.
Esas cuerdas están tan apretadas que me lastiman.
These ropes are so tight that it is hurting me.
¿Las personas que lastiman no lucen como tú?
That the people being hurt don't look like you?
Sí, bueno, ya sabes que no me lastiman.
Yeah, well, you know I don't get hurt.
Tenemos que lastimarlos tanto como ellos nos lastiman.
Got to hurt them as much as they hurt us.
Saben lo que ocurre cuando me lastiman.
You know what happens when my feelings get hurt.
Pero si te lastiman, lo detengo. ¿Bien?
But if you get hurt I stop the game, ok?
No sé qué haré si lo lastiman.
I don't know what I'll do if they hurt him.
A veces, cuando me lastiman, voy a un lugar agradable.
Sometimes when I get really hurt, I go to a nice place.
A nadie le importa si ellos lastiman a otras personas.
Nobody cares that they damage other people.
Me podrían quitar la esposas, me lastiman.
I could remove the handcuffs, they hurt me.
Pero nunca se lastiman el uno al otro.
But they never really hurt each other.
Cuanto más los amas, más te lastiman.
The more you love them, the more they hurt you.
Si la lastiman juro que nunca verán la carta.
You harm her, I swear, you'll never see that letter.
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