Imperfectvosotrosconjugation ofir.


Me dijiste que tú y Emmett ibais a romper.
You told me you and Emmett were gonna break up.
Chicos todos dijisteis que ibais a venir a mi fiesta.
Guys... you all said you were coming to my party.
Eric no me dijo que ibais a estar todos aquí.
Eric didn't tell me you guys were gonna be out here.
Me dijiste que tú y Emmett ibais a romper.
You told me you and Emmett were gonna break up.
Dijo que ibais a lanzar la 2.0 al público.
He said you were gonna release 2.0 to the public.
Ya habéis tenido todo el tiempo que ibais a tener.
You've had all the time that you're gonna get.
¿Realmente pensasteis que no ibais a tener que reescribir nada?
Did you really think you weren't gonna have to rewrite anything?
Y nunca ibais a ser ni tú ni Elin.
And it was never going to be you or Elin.
Si os ibais a casar, ¿por qué no me lo contaste?
If you were gonna get married, why didn't you tell me?
Dijo que ibais a ver una película.
She said you were just going to see a movie.
Hola, no sabía que ibais a estar aquí también.
Hey, I didn't know you guys were gonna be here, too.
K'Chee dice que vosotros dos ibais a aparearos.
K'Chee said that you two were going to mate.
Me preguntaba si ibais a venir este fin de semana.
I was wondering if you're gonna make it up this weekend.
Solo lo escribí mientras vosotros ibais a por las entradas.
I just wrote that while you guys were getting the tickets.
¿Pensaste que ibais a hacer algo más que hablar?
Did you think you were gonna do more than just talk?
Dijo que vosotras dos ibais a jugar al escondite
Said the two of you were going to play hide-and-seek.
Me quedé aquí porque sabía que ibais a venir.
I stayed here because I knew you were coming.
No sabía que ibais a venir de inmediato.
I didn't know you were gonna come out right away.
Sabía que vosotros ibais a ser buenos amigos.
I knew you guys were gonna be best friends.
Sabía que ibais a ir al almacén.
He knew that you were going to the storage unit.
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