hemos divertido
-we have amused
Present perfectnosotrosconjugation ofdivertir.


Nunca nos hemos divertido así en todo mi vida.
We've never had fun like that in my whole life.
Solo un recuerdo de todo lo que nos hemos divertido.
Just a reminder of all the fun we've had.
Sí, pero nos hemos divertido mucho haciéndolo.
Yeah, but we've had so much fun doing it.
Cougar, ya nos hemos divertido bastante, ¿no crees?
Cougar, we've had enough fun for one day, don't you think?
Pero nos hemos divertido mucho juntos.
But we've had so much fun together.
La gente era tan simpática, y nos hemos divertido muchísimo.
People were so nice, you know, and we had a really good time.
Nos hemos divertido mucho esta noche.
We've had so much fun tonight.
Pero en serio, nos hemos divertido mucho con nuestro papá a través de los años.
But seriously, we've had a lot of fun with our dad over the years.
Nos hemos divertido mucho juntos.
We've had a lot of fun together.
Nos hemos divertido mucho esta noche.
We've had so much fun tonight.
Bueno, nos hemos divertido mucho... pero también hemos tratado temas serios.
Well, we've had a lot of fun, But we've also dealt with some Serious issues.
Nos hemos divertido mucho trabajando con los romboides, pero no puedo pasar todo el semestre hablando de romboides.
We've had a lot of fun working with rhomboids, but I can't spend the whole term talking about rhomboids.
Vamos a ir y nos vamos a divertir como nunca nos hemos divertido.
We're gonna go and we're gonna have the best time we've ever had. Okay?
Nos hemos divertido muchísimo tú y yo a solas.
We have a lot of fun you and me alone.
Nos hemos divertido juntos, pero no puedo ser...
We have fun together, man, but I can't be...
Quizá no con las bibliotecarias, pero nos hemos divertido.
Okay, maybe not the librarians. But the fun we've had.
¿Estás segura de que este es el único lugar donde nos hemos divertido?
You sure this is the only place we ever had fun?
Nos hemos divertido especulando sobre eso.
Oh, we have fun speculating about that.
Sí, nos hemos divertido estos años.
Yes, we've had our fun over the years.
Suéltenlo, chicos. Por hoy, ya nos hemos divertido bastante.
Let him go, boys, that's enough fun for one night.
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